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July 22nd, 2015

.@dana_hinds @bsalazarce remember to check out the @tweetchme app to learn more about using Twitter! https://t.co/upVb7Ru4eb

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@dana_hinds @iPadMediaCamp you are most welcome, so glad you enjoyed it and found the 3 days beneficial!

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LynnToTheRescue Join us for the OKC meetup on 7-27. @wfryer is one of our speakers! ow.ly/PXmZh

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@_levi_ @StarTalkRadio that could work, or an LP record for my new retro turntable from Best Buy ;-)

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.@StarTalkRadio Please consider reducing the bitrate you’re using to encode your podcasts. 131 MB is tough on dial-up pic.twitter.com/MnI8xsW22X

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my buddies tonight: Sawyer Brown, Alan Jackson, Carlene Carter & Chris Ledoux

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@msdayvt @klester02 @dkhendon @iPadMediaCamp you are all very kind! was such a blast! I wish we could come back this summer!

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iReading: TED Launched A New Platform Called OpenTed by @medkh9 http://t.co/WSqybORlWa

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[VIDEO] Great College Advice for Parents cc @sfryer recorded at @iPadMediaCamp youtu.be/sht-iA3X8V8

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PHSLSiLab More collaboration w/ @wfryer @iPadMediaCamp Mrs. Hallensleben and @bbarnes_howard are using @BookCreatorApp pic.twitter.com/DZ0mpr28Wn

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@mrhooker @sfryer @iPadpalooza sounds great! Count us in if possible:-)

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@mrhooker @klester02 @Swabkiddos in that case, please save a space for @sfryer & I to definitely attend @iPadpalooza next year! :-)

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.@mrhooker does everyone at @iPadpalooza get a free Apple Watch now?! @klester02 & @Swabkiddos are loving them! pic.twitter.com/YOg9cmkjwm

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Swabkiddos “It’s never DONE, it’s just DUE!” @wfryer Encourage your kiddos to never stop expanding what they know and tweaking their digital projects!

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TiffanyLKelley “It’s never done… it’s just due.” @wfryer @iPadMediaCamp

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klester02 Day 3 of iPad Media Camp “eBooks build a generational bridge” @wfryer @iPadMediaCamp

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I updated the #WordPressOKC presentation “Podcasting Options with WordPress” https://t.co/mPW1ky3R6k (new hosting options slides) #OklaEd

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dlegore Lrning abt Visual Notes via @ninmah & @rockourworld . Think about all the possibilities w/ STs! Higher Lvl! w/ @wfryer

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[LISTENING] Sometimes A Little More Minecraft May Be Quite All Right by @NPR pca.st/AiLl

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@enidkidsread you bet - I’m so glad to see you blogging! I will try to audio record & share next Monday’s preso on podcasting for you…

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iReading: Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon j.mp/1TPhN7W by @enidkidsread

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Sad how poverty can affect us all, irrespective of geography cc @sfryer https://t.co/WEzYSpR27j

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iReading: Let Pocket read your clipped articles aloud j.mp/1fkDCgt by @cheapskateblog in @CNET

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