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July 23rd, 2015

gr8 Twitter byline “Make stuff. Get messy. Every day!” by @RondeauART

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@techsavvyteach yes it is amazing! I’m listening to it on @audible_com h/t @HardcoreHistory & his series “Wrath of the Khans”

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Crazy to learn how Hitler rejected his own army intelligence reports about Russian troop strength in 1944 pic.twitter.com/pTj8sKeCvG

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@Windham_EduSTEM that is awesome! @bobsprankle has taught me so much over the years! Thanks for the shout out

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Windham_EduSTEM .@Pinterest search for elem comp lab ideas lead me to goo.gl/rI3Ym about @bobsprankle by @wfryer! Thank u!

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mrjoshflores PodcastOnYourPlan #10
Chat Edition w/Shawn Sheehan - 2016 TOY Finalist,
ow.ly/PZXGN ow.ly/i/bYHgV

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@mctownsley that’s what we needed, thanks!

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In Gmail, does anyone know how to make an old email address for someone that they are no longer using STOP showing up as a popup option?

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@schooldude Your iPad app says it requires iOS 6.0. I have an iPad 1 I’d like to use with it… Will it run an earlier/older app version?

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@Jyoung1219 they synced to the phone and now work! Somehow in the restore process the iTunes links to the files got messed up

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@Jyoung1219 hey great - we searched for the file extension and found them on the PC, deleted the iTunes entries and then dragged files over

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@Jyoung1219 they are .m4r extension ringtones. We did find them on his PC. They are not syncing, however.

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@Jyoung1219 they don’t show up at all on the iPhone. They just restored from a local backup

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@Jyoung1219 no this person downloaded them previously from the web, they didn’t make them. They show up in iTunes but can’t be played

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Anyone know a fix for custom (non-purchased) ringtones on an iPhone not working/being available after a software restore? (iOS 8.4)

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@Students4th you are most welcome - so glad to meet you at @iPadMediaCamp - I hope you have a gr8 school year w your students! :-)

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latest update to the @Pocket app supports text to speech!!! pic.twitter.com/jhnCAVqFxF

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iReading: NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth by @NASA nzzl.us/cHs8U0v via @nuzzel @jeff_foust

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iReading: Follow The Leader: Drones Learn To Behave In Swarms by @npr http://t.co/a1VVAMLRX7

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Want a free classroom digital camera & audio recorder?* Take the @storychasers 2015-16 Student News Challenge! storychasers.org/snews/

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@librarymall @zbpipe @audreyvan5 @tinkercad @kowalyshyn that sounds awesome, thanks for sharing!

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.@s_bearden @dana_hinds @bsalazarce you are welcome, we had many Twitter newbies at @iPadMediaCamp so I shared the @TweechmeApp w everyone

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dana_hinds @s_bearden @wfryer @bsalazarce @TweechmeApp I stayed up way too late last night using my new Tweechme app!!!

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CasadySTEM A STEM camp student had a broken flip flop & designed a “flip flop clip” to fix it. She 3D printed the part! pic.twitter.com/WIiyNRWSLq

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Great oral history and community digital storytelling project: @humansofny Humans of New York via @NPR @storychasers humansofnewyork.com

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[Listening] ‘Close Up Baltimore’ Tells Stories Of The City, One Portrait At A Time by @npr cc @storychasers http://t.co/4hOuFqzMHG

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