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July 28th, 2015

I’m using @HaikuDeck (browser version) to build the presentation I’ll be sharing Saturday via videoconference to teachers in India

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ToddWhitaker The most important event in every school is the first faculty meeting of the year.

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@tootalky yikes, it looks like your Twitter account has been hacked :-(

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mrjoshflores I’m headed to New Mexico tomorrow! Does anyone know if they have a state-wide education hashtag like ?

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“People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses” by @BillNye on @StarTalkRadio

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edutopia Your brain does so much for you. Now, do something nice for your brain.

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@enidkidsread glad we can collaborate :-) I’m excited to see how your library blogging goes this year!

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GSchultek “By consistently helping teachers reach their full potential in the classroom, we could put millions of Ss on the path to success.” @TNTP

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MTEDLeadership It was a great day at the New Leaders Summit! Thanks to all!

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@enidkidsread yes I think it will if you check that box when you choose to publish it from the file menu

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iReading: Kindoma - a shared reading experience (Skype for kids focusing on books) by @joycevalenza @sfryerโ€ฆ

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LynnToTheRescue If you missed the meetup last night, here is @wfryer recorded talk on podcasting!โ€ฆ

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@enidkidsread let me know if that makes sense, I can share a post with some screenshots too if you want

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@enidkidsread it is located in a different place than the link for sharing, which is the upper right corner

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@enidkidsread I embedded it. In the Google presentation, go to file and select publish presentation. Then you can copy the embed code

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“Kindness Is Contagious” movie screening in Sept 16, 2015 Watch the trailer

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Continued demise of Google+ (YouTube users & others won’t be forced to use G+ for profiles & commenting)

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iReading: Why ISIS Hates Archaeology and Blew Up Ancient Iraqi Palace by @kristinromey @NatGeoโ€ฆ

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Big family milestone today, as our third child continues her academic journey ….

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Huge shout out & kudos to @eshileman & the @OKCPS Information Technology team for all the fantastic district upgrades this summer!

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This is the last year for SmartWeb at Classen SAS… Next year @OKCPS will switch to a new student info system

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@OKCPS Great news: Each Classen classroom has a data projector this year! Each Art class is getting Apple computers!

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Did you miss last night’s meetup? Check out audio recording: Podcasting Options with WordPressโ€ฆ

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new podcast: Podcasting Options with WordPress (July 2015) cc @enidkidsread @rileyrichter @LynnToTheRescue

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podlove_org Problems with the iTunes Podcast Directory? Turns out there is a request system in place now:โ€ฆ

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