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August 3rd, 2015

New classroom furniture & learning spaces from @IKEAUSA for @sfryer ‘s 3rd & 4th graders at @ptokc pic.twitter.com/NNIMqOjPs7

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bhwilkoff Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video - Medium nzzl.us/b1aW7DZ via @nuzzel

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OklahomaStand Thousands of teaching jobs in Oklahoma remain empty, just weeks from the start of school: bit.ly/1MBHE1g

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CherokeeNation Tax cuts are great, but companies hoping to relocate will look elsewhere to a state that invests in education. — SOS Hoskin

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Just finished episode 3 of @HardcoreHistory [PODCAST] series “Wrath of the Khans” pca.st/cIfX

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@felixjacomino @TeacherJenCarey @s_bearden @vvrotny Create new account, then in 30 days delete the old & create alias pointing to the new?

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@felixjacomino @TeacherJenCarey @s_bearden @vvrotny What’s best practice in GAFE for a user that gets married / changes their last name?

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felixjacomino “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair pic.twitter.com/415oflvRK2

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Just requested a quote for @LocknCharge Carrier 20 Cart for school iPads http://t.co/Wu42rx2HyI (I like the baskets!) via @luvipad #OklaEd

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@HoogeSue yes - very engaging content possibilities. This is the Google Doc I started on @googlecardboard https://t.co/01wcHyB7Qo

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[VIDEO] Homeless Woman Finds Hope in Shelter & School for Young Son - @unitedwayokc & @ptokc helping families youtu.be/Yiul1Dy00QA

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gr8 videos by Community Literacy Centers of Teaching People to Read by @LiteracyOKC via @ptokc communityliteracy.com/gallery/videos/

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Mind is officially blown- 2nd experience with Google Cardboard h/t @ELanghorst @felixjacomino cc @sfryer pic.twitter.com/k09CqTO4GB

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@mpetty39 thanks for the shout out, Mike! :-)

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RT @mpetty39: Show the learning - start by getting pics & teach students to document too. Great thoughts from @wfryer http://t.co/L9OoyXp3Oq

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iReading: The Web of Relationships We Have to Save j.mp/1IjEh9W by @zeynep in response to @h0d3r

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#ThisResonates as we share novel prototypes, we shape perceptions of what the Internet is in can be http://t.co/FTYiXwO3nT @dweinberger

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iReading: The Web We Have to Save by @h0d3r via @dweinberger @om #activism #blogging https://t.co/naNtNCCix6

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CNN Wreckage of a 400-year-old Spanish Armada ship has been found near the Irish coast. cnn.it/1FtvPCi pic.twitter.com/RsAkwJ0ls8

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iReading: The Internet That Was (and Still Could Be) by @dweinberger via @om in @TheAtlantic #OklaEd #create2learn http://t.co/FTYiXwO3nT

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RT @dangillmor: How a new blogger network can help bring back the truly decentralized web, by @dweinberger http://t.co/eBlenz3FKB

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Podcast429: Creating to Learn - Videoconference Keynote to Bangalore, India j.mp/1IFEjwo @XSEEDEducation

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