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August 4th, 2015

@bridgestyler @sjparkokc @edgeblogger @vperezy I just emailed you each / shared edit access 2this Google Doc https://t.co/EuvVu9PANa #OklaEd

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HendershotDavid Shameless Plug : @stacicapps And I are working on starting a slow chat for Ts. If interested Start following the #

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.@sfryer: Linda Cliatt-Wayman: How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard https://t.co/hOQamF89cd @ptokc @okcps #urbaned #OklaEd

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new post: TEDx Video Conversation Night j.mp/1g7gEtK cc @bridgestyler @sjparkokc @edgeblogger @vperezy

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ajam New estimates put cost of US nuclear weapons upgrade at $963 billion alj.am/l8mr

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hideawaypizza For years, the dream of Hideaway fans has been DELIVERY. @OrderUpOKC is ready to make that dream come true! bit.ly/1KMBedm

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NakedCityOKC @OrderUpOKC went live today, so kick up your feet, turn on a movie and have your food brought to your door! pic.twitter.com/JD4xOYCTYF

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OrderUpOKC FREE Egg Rolls, Edamame or Miso Soup with ANY 2 rolls from Jiro Sushi - DELIVERED on OrderUp!! bit.ly/1N8OZDB pic.twitter.com/RjQESHT04s

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iReading: How Wolf Became Dog by @virginiamorell in @sciam (modern gray wolves NOT an ancestor) #genetics http://t.co/aDp8vQWTtG

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edgeblogger Well done @deborahgist and TPS Board! MT @tulsaworld: TPS says district-mandated testing time to be reduced. ow.ly/Qs0ui

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@theipodteacher @PlotagonEdu it is not one I maintain, but definitely one I use!

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@theipodteacher @PlotagonEdu this calendar of education Twitter chats is great https://t.co/GJ8dPXQLkb

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Enter the @MichaelsStores Art Challenge! Deadline August 15th! http://t.co/V4Kb7xQzte

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@DrTerriOU @vperezy please keep me in the loop on this, I would love to help out if I can! @OKCPS @rhondaschroeder

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@vperezy @MPSTechnology i’m working on something similar, needing to set up an active directory sync to

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@vperezy @MPSTechnology are you including a password with your bulk upload?

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iReading: How to Set Gmail As Your Default Mail Client in OS X j.mp/1SKoKtS by @howtogeeksite

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RT @casadyschoolokc: Mr. Sheldon is featured in Friday newspaper! @Casady_HOS http://t.co/9d0LgaWwCM

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@mrjoshuaehret @edtechsmurph @kfepaxson @lovinafarmboy sadly, YouTube has removed the upload by email feature :-(

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@venspired @MrP_tchr true but don’t let bad choices of some derail your motivation for the entire project. We need more Ss feedback

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RT @dweinberger: Iraq is digitizing its national #library to save it from ISIS’s war on history http://t.co/jxyV5InXg8

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“The best stories are the small stories” [from the classroom] by @spencerideas pca.st/enHq

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RT @spencerideas: Here’s a nine-part video series on design thinking in education:
https://t.co/pK5ZTqXf3C #createchat

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RT @spencerideas: Writing Ideas for the First Week of School http://t.co/ta3csLtYpq #engchat #elachat

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Listening to [PODCAST] Episode 91 with John Spencer @spencerideas pca.st/enHq

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RT @sfryer: [PODCAST] #Room108 Episode 1: Planning New Learning Spaces @ptokc #OklaEd h/t @KleinErin http://t.co/tbkMXd5Wgc

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crave Adorable hitchhiking robot found mutilated. This is why we can’t have nice things, America! cnet.co/1Uihfb3 pic.twitter.com/Ycit5o85Jp

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My #stem job at @Iesyukon @yukondistrict is 1 of the thousands of unfilled Oklahoma teaching positions #oklaed https://t.co/0ctwWX9Aa5

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