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August 5th, 2015

.@kathleen_morris @lindayollis I’m working on updating this page on Interactive Writing http://t.co/o4R9LIYkYf #create2learn

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@kathleen_morris the quality comments video by @lindayollis & her students is 1 of my all time favorites! Are there others you recommend?

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@HoogeSue @sfryer @ptokc Thanks Sue! Shelly is excited and looking forward to a great year

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@AwedFellow @spencerideas @edrethink @balancedfilter nice. Sadly that is the mentality of many in IT who setup school content filters…

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@kathleen_morris thanks for creating & sharing that great video in 2011! Do you have any other favorite videos about class blogging?

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[VIDEO] Say Hello to Write About j.mp/1SR9oDS by @mywriteabout

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iReading: John Spencer @spencerideas Shares How He Creates Writing Ideas j.mp/1hkoEIC by @mywriteabout cc @sfryer

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@spencerideas @edrethink moments that that one build my resolve to continue with the ithostagecrisis.com project… @balancedfilter

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spencerideas Reading is rewarding when there’s no reward for reading. pic.twitter.com/gjRR6Mes1D

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@edublogs when students publish to a class blog, can they choose the audience? (private to teacher, classmates only or public?)

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@KidblogDotOrg I need some clarification on pricing for what is free now with the new version. As of September will there be a free option?

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I just donated via @PayPal to support the awesome WordPress plugin @TablePress tablepress.org/donate/

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@OpinionPod is there a fast/easy way to embed a Opinion podcast episode on a WordPress blog post? cc @sfryer

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JasonGalloway77 @td02bps Don’t let what is urgent cloud you from what is important!

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mcleod Third Grader Handcuffed in School [VIDEO] bit.ly/1KROcJC Try and watch this without crying

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RT @Shelly_Hickman: Thank you @NewsOK for helping @OklahomaStand build awareness for paltry #oklaed teacher pay! https://t.co/dKd6ELjWhV

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Shelly_Hickman At @TulsaSchools announcing 54% cut in district testing following comprehensive assessment study. @OklahomaStand

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@elynnlll @sfryer @ptokc thanks Erin! Shelly is very excited about how it turned out :-)

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sfryer Love my classroom! Thks to my awesome husband for all his help! @wfryer @ptokc pic.twitter.com/tvmWhyOv2q

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Check out this 360 [PANO] [PIC] of @sfryer ‘s @ptokc classroom ready for the 1st day of school tomorrow! #OklaEd http://t.co/ZhKaQfCbhR

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@Jazzymiles I’ve started a comparative table of classroom blogging options on http://t.co/o4R9LJfWmP #create2learn

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@Jazzymiles thanks John. I’m helping my wife @sfryer decide which blog platform she’s going to use this year, so I’m updating the site…

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@daviottenheimer @edrethink ironically, no… GitHub is not blocked. This is typical of some schizophrenic school filtering policies…

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@Jazzymiles yes, I’m working on a post about that right now! I’m also updating http://t.co/o4R9LJfWmP

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Want to setup a new class blog on writeabout.com ? Sorry it’s blocked. Reason: “Shopping” pic.twitter.com/3qRBszZIiS

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WordPress.com blocked at school (not mine tho) Reason? “Blogs” pic.twitter.com/i1tdSeA3eY

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Milestone today: 65,000th tweet pic.twitter.com/5Iidq9uC6f

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sfryer Instead of asking what is wrong w/ someone, ask what has happened to someone. @ptokc

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RT @sfryer: Check out the Gr8 Morning Meeting ideas from @3rdGrThoughts http://t.co/fie8jKlujy #OklaEd

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CasadySTEM New Dell Windows 7 computers set up in the @casadyschoolokc Middle Division Language Lab! pic.twitter.com/1h6r7Qvqsw

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Time to test computer lab headphones pic.twitter.com/8nAKJwREL4

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I need a recommendation 4 a USB headphone set with microphone to use in our school computer labs. Needs to be durable. Suggestions?

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iReading: Imagine that you wanted to slowly kill public education by @mcleod via @saracarterok #oklaed #SadButTrue http://t.co/Uz8nvQHoCb

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iReading: Creating Narrated Slideshows with Google Tools by @mpetty39 flip.it/ApIMt via @rmbyrne @mguhlin

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