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August 11th, 2015

alicekeeler Does your lesson include “What keywords would you use for a Google Search on this?”

Important to teach Ss to search

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rhondaschroeder 7 beliefs about teaching routines that will cause you to lose your mind flip.it/LuO4O

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@lorenchuk thanks so much for letting me know! Is she using @ShowWithMedia to help students publish their work?

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RT @kevinhoneycutt: Minds who rely on their own self-contained thinking can’t compete with minds that are networked.

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ACT What employers really look for in recent graduates: usat.ly/1SJM19Z via @USATODAYcollege pic.twitter.com/iHiutnHNbg

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iReading: Teaching About the Nepal Earthquake With The New York Times j.mp/1IEIw2c by @mhgonchar via @studentsrebuild

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new post: Planning for Smart School Network Management j.mp/1h1keqj h/t @jorrflv @faithlutheranlv

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RT @jorrflv: Excited to have @wfryer working with our Middle School Faculty @faithlutheranlv #ipadmediacamp

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@n_the_mountains @truthout @JebBush not true in all cases… What do you support other than public schools for children in poverty?

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jenn6416 Thinking of having your students blog? Great resource from @wfryer goo.gl/8n56kJ

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@FUHNAHTIK read: Death & Life of the Great American School System: How Testing & Choice Are Undermining Education http://t.co/qFBooQ36Ty

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@FUHNAHTIK @truthout …but not the school privatization course advanced by @JebBush & his disciples :-(

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@FUHNAHTIK @truthout …schools to improve & be gr8, but that pathway is not achieved thru widespread privatization. We need edu reform…

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@FUHNAHTIK @truthout …and are touted incorrectly as “the silver bullet” needed to address poverty thru improved education. We need all…

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@FUHNAHTIK private schools can be fantastic for students & families. Private charters, however, often take $ away from public schools…

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@Mr_Whutkins my students built prosthetic hands in 2013-14. @AmyLoeffelholz has done that lesson several times & guided me

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iReading: G is for Google nzzl.us/2siWDel by Larry Page via @nuzzel @settern

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