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August 14th, 2015

NewSTEM21 New App, Fam-ess, Teaches Kids Financial Responsibility - goo.gl/alerts/BXiK

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@KidblogDotOrg excellent, thanks! We will submit a support ticket :-)

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[PODCAST] DOJ Says It’s Unconstitutional To Ban The Homeless From Sleeping Outside by @npr cc @sfryer @ptokc http://t.co/REbByroNMz

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RT @CasadySTEM: I started a list of iPad apps to install on our library iPad carts https://t.co/aLeipIHwPm #iPadEd #OklaEd

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How I did on Twitter this week: 145 New Followers, 187 Mentions, 176K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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CasadySTEM SO impressive to learn & see how @OKCNM has reinvented museum visitor experience w immersive technologies, stories & perspectives

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FREE iOS app @OKCNM Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum (new in 2015!) appsto.re/us/hV3Z4.i pic.twitter.com/wwsbAxwpwo

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100 touch point interactive touch screen lesson @OKCNM vine.co/v/ed3WWDTz7w3

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Great opportunities to discuss digital citizenship & digital ethics @OKCNM pic.twitter.com/uZn2gNUQuR

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of the crime evidence from the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 @OKCNM pic.twitter.com/QjNoEK0gGQ

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Book “Homemade C4” http://t.co/PPYbCiMChS by Ragnar Benson https://t.co/QR6szNEvQS used by terrorist Timothy McVeigh http://t.co/QkYDuu0Svz

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An unarmed TOW missile (anti-tech tank weapon) caused an evacuation after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing @OKCNM pic.twitter.com/RsYti1gIgT

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.@KChenoweth introduces first @OKCNM exhibit video: “A Day Like Any Other” on @casadyschoolokc faculty tour pic.twitter.com/Y6jGK02B0b

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CasadySTEM Wow! Architectural, Environmental & Forensics lessons in new @OKCNM lab! cc @sfryer @casadyschoolokc @vperezy @AmyLoeffelholz

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marawillard The small chairs @OKCNM will break your heart. Healing words and water are beautiful and strong on love & humanity. pic.twitter.com/EA4TWclzlD

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davidfholt The shovel used by @billclinton to plant a tree for the victims of the OKC Bombing hangs in OK AG’s office. @OKCNM pic.twitter.com/pFiMhlq5K3

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Touring the @OKCNM this morning with new @casadyschoolokc faculty (all redesigned since January!) pic.twitter.com/kgT7N13MVa

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CasadySTEM 1 of our @casadyschoolokc math teachers just taught a 3 week course on cryptography for high school students with @JohnsHopkins

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Andi Dema’s light up Lego light saber vine.co/v/edVVAK6bj5H

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Looks like we are in for a rainy morning… pic.twitter.com/embRNzUmpN

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We continued our book study of “Same Different as Me” by @ronanddenver this morning https://t.co/7JdQN891To

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“Relationship is the only pathway to end homelessness” by @RonandDenver cc @ptokc @sfryer @eco_pres

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sfryer New post: Room108 Podcast 4: When We Grow Up goo.gl/FBXH6v

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Classroom podcasts 1 through 4 are now linked from @sfryer ‘s blog: shellyfryer.com (created with @OpinionPod) @ptokc

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