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August 30th, 2015

BookCreatorApp PODCAST: Book Creator eBook Projects & Publishing Workflow Options.

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@ClintonBreau thanks 4 the feedback! @sfryer is doing a gr8 job helping her students develop communication skills this year! @ptokc

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digishare Thanks @sfryer for helping brainstorm the name of our Fall 2016 event: “The Digital Sharing Conference!”

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[VIDEO] Why This Method? Flipped Classroom Training Program by @pocketlodge cc @sfryer @iPadMediaCamp youtu.be/GuA8fPCHu9c

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Moving & powerful historical photography project by @hiddenwwi (WW1 soldier inscriptions) instagram.com/p/7BiHZ1MeWe/

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Check out the Google Site @sfryer is using as her classroom “homebase website” this year classroom.shellyfryer.com @ptokc

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sfryer My Ss love their literacy stations! Ditching the desks has been a huge success. @ptokc pic.twitter.com/CENfo9Ft07

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hiddenwwi German front line fortifications high up on Hartmannswillerkopf battlefield. pic.twitter.com/0RT0G6pEtG

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“Check email every 30 minutes” (reminder to hotel front desk staff) pic.twitter.com/IQXTTOm0i1

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Check out “My Journey to the Joy of Learning - My Teaching Notebook” by @mwesch [VIDEO] myteachingnotebook.com

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dweinberger .@mwesch learns a lesson from a student who always sleeps through his classes youtu.be/mZedcQoY0iw

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