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September 6th, 2015

iReading: Middle School Maker Journey - 19 Days (and Counting) to Launch by @kjarrett in @Edutopia #stem #MakerEd http://t.co/bhGjM8AK4l

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iReading: Suing ad blockers - Not a great strategy, ad industry by @mathewi in @Fortune http://t.co/GSyxJdQnZB

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Iearnsomething This is what Hallstat, Austria looks like. pic.twitter.com/oX6VF8hEKG

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.@educatortalk here is a recent post on “Classroom Blogging Options (August 2015)” http://t.co/fmd5VXsXZr

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@educatortalk thanks for tweeting me the link to your blog post & vlog! My last name is spelled “Fryer” tho :-)

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lessig WE DID IT!!! ($1M in < 4 wks) Thank you all for your support. Now, let’s go pic.twitter.com/ZSTpbsAXvQ

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iReading: Harvard Law Professor Crowdfunds $1 Million, Launches Presidential Bid by @npr via @mathewi @alishalisha http://t.co/UcF3kXSFwQ

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iReading: The Research Is Clear - Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies by @HarvardBiz #essentialism https://t.co/eJrFItA2lk

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@dreambition if it was available I wanted to set up a @IFTTT powered cross-post from @sfryer ‘s class blog to her personal blog

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iReading: Forget about the mobile internet by @BenedictEvans (the Internet is largely experienced by folks on mobile) http://t.co/gpez8VBAcB

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mathewi Cars, newspapers and permissionless innovation (Benedict Evans - @BenedictEvans) redef.it/sR8U redef.com

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StationCDRKelly continues to develop over the far Eastern Atlantic. pic.twitter.com/kjHx09QChl

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Land_ELA I’m super excited and nervous to cohost chat with @JonnyCurriculum tonight!

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Kudos to @ptokc teacher @sfryer for blog updates including recent class radio shows/podcasts with @OpinionPod shellyfryer.com

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mywriteabout Check out this walkthrough on managing students, viewing their activity on Write About, and moderating. ow.ly/REarD

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mywriteabout What would a shark say if it could speak? This student has a few ideas! ow.ly/REarE

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@dreambition does a @mywriteabout website create a RSS feed for individual blog contributors? Looking for RSS feed for just @sfryer’s posts

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@saraw2911 yes. This week is actually our first meeting. I’ll DM you my Facetime ID :-)

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@saraw2911 Sara you’re welcome to visit our @CasadySTEM club that starts this week Tues at 3:30 @teachoklahoma @GingerLewman @gillmorek

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RT @gigabarb: Elephants are more human than we realize http://t.co/9rjvT921jO via @BostonGlobe

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Stories in Stained Glass @fumcmhk @ First United Methodist Church of Manhattan, KS instagram.com/p/7TBqyCOgNa/

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eyesrightblog Learning more about the origins of Methodism at Oxford & @ChCh_Oxford via Pastor Troy @fumcmhk in Manhattan, Kansas en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methodism

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[VIDEO] Why I don’t care about ‘Climate Change’ by @EnvironmentDave (focus on personal impacts instead) youtu.be/7vnzKPq390Q

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@teachoklahoma @jzweiac @JasonGalloway77 @GingerLewman @voxer has group & individual audio feedback, but no sharing to parent accounts

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@teachoklahoma @jzweiac @JasonGalloway77 @GingerLewman very different tools. @Seesaw provides individual Ss portfolios shared to parents

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gr8 new business: The Renewed Home - Restoration Consulting, Home Remodeling Design, Kitchen Remodel Ideas renewedkansashome.com/home2.html

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.@jzweiac @JasonGalloway77 @teachoklahoma for younger Ss for sure, I’d recommend using @Seesaw instead of @voxer for audio feedback

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pewinternet LinkedIn is the only major social media site where there are more users age 30-49 than 18-29 pewrsr.ch/1PxNtw7 pic.twitter.com/0miBzzfk9A

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VR for the Masses preso slides bit.ly/EasyVR by @pwelsh (about Google Cardboard Virtual Reality)

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