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September 10th, 2015

iReading: National Geographic Society and 21st Century Fox Agree to Expand Partnership by @NatGeo http://t.co/anvLWB6MrK

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iReading: @NatGeo fans worry about partnership with climate change skeptic Rupert Murdoch by @WashingtonPost https://t.co/5SYAe7qXxc

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@sking58 I think as teachers utilize blended learning methods with students, and also utilize videoconferencing, that’s good prep for it

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@sking58 Some of our high school students videoconferenced to Peru today from Oklahoma :-) https://t.co/vsRRbZUyfl

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[VIDEO] from today’s @global_nomads videoconference with students in Peru about literacy! https://t.co/vsRRbZCWQL #OklaEd @casadyschoolokc

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iReading: Harvard Business School really has created the classroom of the future by @JohnAByrne http://t.co/fLHlizSIpW #DistributedLearning

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Very cool: Here is our @RainwiseNet live weather station portal https://t.co/CYDJEhqOfP for @casadyschoolokc #OklaEd

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iReading: Engineer a positive class environment while growing STEM skills http://t.co/Qz1dFTWsCJ by @lisajorudy via @vickhviolin #OklaEd

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[VIDEO] #AskBenW: When Do You Find Time To Learn? (Full Video) by @bhwilkoff https://t.co/8A6B08tGpG #wisdom #edtech

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vperezy Hey , new opportunities added to ! bitly.com/PDgeekOK

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ELanghorst My students had a video chat today with a colonial foods expert in Maine pic.twitter.com/RtyfNScUu7

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.@kjsain @gcouros @bhwilkoff @TyrnaD I’ve fallen out of love w delicious & diigo over time

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.@kjsain @gcouros @bhwilkoff @TyrnaD also I’d teach using Twitter favorites to archive links, & connecting Twitter lists to @Flipboard

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.@kjsain @gcouros @bhwilkoff @TyrnaD I would definitely teach how to use @Flipboard & @Pocket to archive / curate links

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edconnectr Help us to start building Connected Educator Month calendar now: connectededucators.org/calendar/ pic.twitter.com/8CWswouyCC

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mguhlin These 16 life hacks will completely change the way you use Gmail flip.it/qHtNI

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@EduElfie you are THE MAN! Thank you, thank you for this tip!!!!!

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@EduElfie thanks - I’m not sure where the install folder is on the Mac tho… is that Library / App Support / MinecraftEDU ?

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helpful tutorial if drawing on Mac with SMARTboard pens: How to Disable PowerPoint 2013 Presenter View http://t.co/bKw7HH1eTg #edtech

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I need help with a @minecraftEDU question regarding Java not running on “guest” accounts in Mac OS X https://t.co/t7mEOLUlF1 #OklaEd

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I’m thinking about how “Can Do Statements based on Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)” http://t.co/VtOR72t4Tt can apply to @iPadMediaCamp

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Has anyone used both iOS & laptop versions of @rosettastone software? Are “Writing & Milestone exercises” (not in iOS version) essential?

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@rosettastone Is the iPad / iOS version of your app fully featured as the PC/Mac version? Do you have a webpage comparing features if not?

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@rgriff @CommittedShow my bad, I got your Twitter reversed with iTunes Match lover @idschray :-)

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@rgriff I agree with your take on “iTunes Match,” it’s basically a flawless & gr8 service for me @CommittedShow pca.st/YpJp

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Students from Peru getting bookmarks made by @casadyschoolokc students @global_nomads vine.co/v/et3jdgzrtln

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Our @global_nomads @casadyschoolokc videoconference today is with students in Andahuaylas, Peru #OklaEd https://t.co/MDQC5n1iq9

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Abigail from Andahuaylas, Peru loves 2 read fairy tales - via @global_nomads @casadyschoolokc videoconference pic.twitter.com/cewJaDjs7O

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Now hearing from Maria Teresa of @scenperu in @global_nomads videoconference to Peru & California #OklaEd http://t.co/3mN7VqZbWO

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And we are LIVE now w Ss in Peru & California via @global_nomads #OklaEd https://t.co/EYQJ1oM2M4

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global_nomads Join Us LIVE from Peru at 12pm ET as we connect students in the United States and Peru to discuss the importance… fb.me/1RxM7JCoU

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We are joining @vistamagnet Ss in CA for a Google Hangout with Peruvian students! @casadyschoolokc @global_nomads https://t.co/EYQJ1oM2M4

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Watch our Google Hangout in 40 min w @global_nomads “Live from Peru: SRLiteracy Challenge” @casadyschoolokc #OklaEd https://t.co/EYQJ1oM2M4

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CasadySTEM We are videoconferencing with students in Peru (via satellite uplink) at 11 am Central w @global_nomads fb.me/1RxM7JCoU

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Mobile app encourages donation support of the homeless: @HandUp cc @ptokc @sfryer via @GarethM @billt handup.org

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RT @edwardlucas: read some free excerpts of #cyberphobia on Google books https://t.co/Gkd1sNkjcf

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#book2read: Cyberphobia: Identity, Trust, Security & the Internet by @edwardlucas via @GarethM @billt #BBCClickRadio http://t.co/3SdQn8mXBS

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@joedale I haven’t tried it yet but it looks promising…

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TCEA @wfryer Sorry, Wes. But we do have lists of must-have free apps at the bottom of this page for anyone: tcea.org/pd/ios/

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@TCEA that is great, thanks for pointing out those links. I missed them!

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iReading: Karma Go 4G LTE Hotspot Review by @TheIgnitionBlog via @lizgrant (expect slow Sprint LTE data speeds) http://t.co/C98lAHy9az

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iReading: Karma Go review: a mobile hotspot minus the monthly fee http://t.co/FE5Jd5D1s7 by @backlon via @lizgrant (Sprint powered LTE)

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lizgrant I just reserved my Karma Go from @yourKarma. Take WiFi with you everywhere. Use my code for $10 off yours: yourkarma.com/invite/rzkkbr

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@joedale thanks - Flipagram for Android doesn’t appear to support voice recording, but Flipgram does http://t.co/dOaS2dp8wg

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I have 140 new followers from USA, UK., and more last week. See tweepsmap.com/!wfryer pic.twitter.com/aItZBSyLNZ

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