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September 11th, 2015

mrjoshflores “In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration.”
-John Steinbeck

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watersenglish Teachers Spend Way Too Much Of Their Own Money On School Supplies, And Here’s Proof w/ @DeeAnnMoranfb.me/8KMFTtCMp

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Lessig2016 Have you joined Team Lessig yet to volunteer? Take action here: lessig2016.us/take-action/

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mrbeefy .@lessig Your candidacy and the work of organizations like @1VA2021 make me feel like systemic change is finally within our grasp.

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iReading: Reflections on STEM lessons by Megan Streit @streit_megan #ded318 #KsEd http://t.co/pbpmU8FTgl

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@ahicktiger no not yet - we’re just getting started tho. Have you?

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Tonight’s family musical selections include “Women & Men” by @tmbg & “Der Kommissar” by Falco pic.twitter.com/GJRH7iabE0

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RT @MBarnesGV: “What people say isn’t always what they mean. It’s more productive to watch what they do.” http://t.co/OTpFW3RXWS

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@DrTerriOU follow this Twitter list of astronauts in @Flipboard https://t.co/Z5IDz2puUi #ade2015 #oklaed :-)

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@amyjogarner yikes that looks scary, it could be a photo for @NatGeo ! :-)

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JacksonGirl79 I’m so excited about tomorrow! Looking forward to collaborating with like minds!

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RT @EdGamer: I can’t wait!!! ‘The Martian’ Clip: Watch Science Fly in the Face of Matt Damon (Literally) @STEMRead https://t.co/Cz21oynXOd

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edutopia The research says it all: edut.to/1FlNywU. pic.twitter.com/UOCJu8hSFy

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What restaurant makes the best scratch guacamole in Oklahoma City?

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POPSUGARTech Want to play The Oregon Trail and 2,400 other games online? We’ll show you how: popsu.gr/36470459 pic.twitter.com/lZJRqfnx8L

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Disable “auto-remove apps not installed by Apple Configurator” if installing via a MDM! pic.twitter.com/Ev9LS4wWLW

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A beautiful sight: I’m “pushing” apps to new school iPads using our @Cisco @meraki MDM. So far, so good… cc @sfryer

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It IS possible to remove payment card info from an AppleID after it’s been initially created support.apple.com/en-us/HT204034 pic.twitter.com/yWZE8H0gXy

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How I did on Twitter this week: 53 New Followers, 101 Mentions, 198K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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A ‘Tremendous Teacher Shortage’ in Okla. Confronts 1st Year Chief @joy4ok j.mp/1Q6KmuJ by @laurenonthehill @educationweek

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“400 families have given half the $ in this election cycle- That’s not American D. That’s banana republic democracy” j.mp/1F0Yfdx

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My videoconference to India with @XSEEDEducation just wrapped up - went GREAT thanks to @zoom_us bridging! My slides https://t.co/mL4iIVhacX

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“America’s gov’t has been bought not byThose who care about America, but byThose who want 2use our gov’t to get rich” j.mp/1UGxQsP

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“On every issue that matters to America, Congress doesn’t listen to America.” by @lessig j.mp/1OFPHc6

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@eedurham21 @fredboeing128 thanks :-) This is my 3rd videoconference to India in the last 2 months for @XSEEDEducation

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I’ve updated my handouts website / wiki with links to upcoming presentations in Sept, Oct & Nov wiki.wesfryer.com @MiamiDevice

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We are switching to a @zoom_us powered videoconference zoom.us for today’s OKC to India @XSEEDEducation conference keynote

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If I had flown to Madurai, India for my @XSEEDEducation keynote, travel time would be > 24 hours & cost about $2000 pic.twitter.com/EPP9DOf7OE

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I’m sharing a keynote today to @XSEEDEducation conference in Madurai, India from Oklahoma pic.twitter.com/6y7KJOf3i4

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Closing @XSEEDEducation keynote to India over videoconference: Creating to Learn: Cultivating 21st Century Skills https://t.co/mL4iIVhacX

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RT @XSEEDEducation: Teaching is not Telling or Memorising https://t.co/4UN6nO6aJ1

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“There is no connection between what the average [US] voter wants & what our government does” by @lessig #lessig2016 http://t.co/z6OHktw4ms

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