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September 12th, 2015

ramon3434 Understanding The Difference Between eLearning and mLearning sco.lt/6v8DHF pic.twitter.com/NmYWIBldjG

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sylviaduckworth @wfryer @amyburvall @rockourworld @giuliaforsythe @ninmah Yes: @rohdesign’s book the Sketchnote workbook rohdesign.com/books/

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Just listened to @CommittedShow [PODCAST] Episode 96: “The Other Pencil” on pca.st/n6dN

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@brettexplains excellent. @bubbli is fantastic, I love its web-based view in a laptop or desktop browser as well as iOS view

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@sylviaduckworth @amyburvall @rockourworld @giuliaforsythe @ninmah Have a favorite workbook to recommend to practice skills?

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“Hershey… is working… on a new in-store device that prompts users to smile in return for a treat” by @gigabarb http://t.co/o7IlZayf8D

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gigabarb New companies help your computer read your mind (or at least your emotions) for.tn/1MfgGOk

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Primary level teacher? Check out [PODCAST] Lessons Learned Coaching PreK Teachers in iPad 1to1 Classrooms w @glovely http://t.co/0uzqWI3tx9

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[VIDEO] The “Why should we be using Badges for Learning?” Roundtable by @bhwilkoff youtu.be/W2iIFgsXJhY

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@Phillip_Cowell @ClassCollect how are your class blogs set up with WordPress? (self-hosted, multiuser, using 3rd party host service?)

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digishare “We are never going to get better than Google at organizing resources. Search skills are critical” youtu.be/Y49up0WB5ok by @bhwilkoff

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@Phillip_Cowell @ClassCollect when you say you subscribed parents, do you mean they get automatic link updates via @RemindHQ to the blog?

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[VIDEO] “We need to get better at curating people rather than resources” youtu.be/Y49up0WB5ok by @bhwilkoff @digishare

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[VIDEO] “The open web is the most powerful thing we have.” youtu.be/Y49up0WB5ok by @bhwilkoff @digishare

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@ClassCollect it is gr8, I’m going to use @RemindHQ again this yr to alert parents about updates to our STEM club blog after weekly meetings

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@ClassCollect are you using a text messaging alert system like @RemindHQ ? Responses might be better if you share the link there

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@ClassCollect give 1 of your parents a call and ask them if they could test the link for you

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Great [VIDEO] overview of “bucket vs stream-based” digital creation options by @bhwilkoff youtu.be/Y49up0WB5ok cc @kjsain @gcouros @TyrnaD

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@rosettastone thanks for getting back to me. I think we’ve decided to go with the iPad version.

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.@brettexplains my favorite panoramic photo app is @bubbli - here are my archived photos / panos twitter.wesfryer.com/search?q=bubbli

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@ahicktiger these iPad setups require lots of hoops and are not typical “Apple simple,” that’s for sure

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