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September 21st, 2015

Combined video of 11 paper slide videos created by secondary teachers in Woodward, Oklahoma today https://t.co/s7h2vB10hm #OklaEd

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@EdTechMuse Sounds good. I like the “highlighted text” features of that app, but @BookCreatorApp remains my fav for student eBooks w audio

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Want to use old skool tables in WordPress? Try the free “MCE Table Buttons” plugin https://t.co/EZWUreqP41 h/t @kfasimpaur #WebDesign

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Nice paper slide video by Woodward #OklaEd teacher Morgan Plummer (& her group) in today’s workshop https://t.co/rIFtjUj2p1 #create2learn

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@EdTechMuse I haven’t used “Little Story Maker” that @MsLaidler taught me about in 2013 for quite awhile - is the app still buggy?

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I shared some stories from the @tedradiohour “Screen Time - Part I” episode http://t.co/XZnWEBTavG today in Woodward, Oklahoma #OklaEd

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I updated our “Turning in Digital Work” workshop resource page wfryer.me/dwork (from today in Woodward, Oklahoma)

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Setting up regular “Time Machine” backups for @RachfMC ‘s laptop pic.twitter.com/8PVmy57LJG

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RT @WendyOates: Wonderful day of PD with Wes Fryer in Woodward. I can’t wait to make a radio show! https://t.co/kBCpeLhTTQ

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@WendyOates thanks Wendy! So glad you enjoyed the day :-)

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phuff22 I love and today they are launching their best game yet! thndr.it/1ULw0By

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britishlibrary It’s your last day to share a with us: bit.ly/1LHZ5Jn. Thank you @nationaltrust for your support pic.twitter.com/V1407qWiz1

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JMAGarrett Take part in this brilliant citizen science project all about bird beaks: markmybird.org

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FoundationOKCPS Laura Massenat giving an update from the board’s wellness committee. Says school gardens are now at over 10 OKC schools.

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Fascinating & instructive description of the journalistic misdeeds & public shaming of @jonahlehrer by @jonronson https://t.co/0ALl8L1hh3

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conniewise Great PD Day today! Thanks @wfryer!! pic.twitter.com/qcipvYQPxC

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@conniewise thanks, Connie! It was fun, & thanks for the feedback! :-)

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@Seesaw Your team rocks! Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic tool for teachers, students and families!

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@StateImpactOK @news9 @newsok any new updates on the Guymon “Wind Power Superhighway?” #oklaed https://t.co/8AoJUyq5RT

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StateImpactOK State regulators shut down two disposal wells after string of near Cushing, Okla. n.pr/1FSvT03

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I love teaching teachers how 2 use free, cross-platform LMS tools like @Seesaw & Google Classroom! pic.twitter.com/L2DfSq5eJN

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RachfMC I love how I can have like 18 vewis which isn’t a lot, but like evry single one of my veiws comments. :)

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RachfMC Minecraft PC - the Land of Scandinavia: Magical Pink Sheep! {15}: youtu.be/qdQ9w_aPfLA?a via @YouTube

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Resources from our workshop “Turning in Digital Work” wfryer.me/dwork h/t @Seesaw & Google Classroom pic.twitter.com/BYLwaxVzpb

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Approving new videos submitted by teachers in our workshop using @Seesaw vine.co/v/ePvn9jYZmgm

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Our classroom this afternoon with 120 elementary teachers in Woodward, Oklahoma wfryer.me/dwork pic.twitter.com/94VIBM2CXB

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kbreynolds WPS having fun and engaged in learning about Google with @wfryer

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We just recorded this in Woodward, Oklahoma: “Why Make Class Radio Shows?” h/t @OpinionPod #OklaEd #create2learn http://t.co/S0B6AU9KeE

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A beautiful sight: Teacher-created paper slide videos shared via Google Classroom! pic.twitter.com/65CWBOS9Iv

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My Verizon MiFi hotspot saved the day in Woodward, OK for AirPlay (untethered iPad mirroring via @airserver) pic.twitter.com/wtWzfkeWpF

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Ready to work with Woodward, Oklahoma teachers today! wfryer.me/dwork on “Turning in Digital Work” pic.twitter.com/NdvO2FIjyI

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It must be 2015 when a state university has a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle - drone) graduate program pic.twitter.com/tzsvc0ln2l

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RT @mscofino: Love seeing the impact of #coetail by just one superstar participant in the school @kngodbout: http://t.co/1Q1WOjULtU

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