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September 23rd, 2015

@RickCastorani Good luck to you as well! How many devices will you be setting up?

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@RichardColosi It’s my first iPad deployment to do personally, so I don’t have lots to compare to… tricky at times, but overall good!

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This is a Google Doc I setup as a template for sharing Apple ID & @meraki MDM access credentials w our tech team…

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Just finished configuring 24 new iPads with Apple Configurator & our @meraki MDM cc @sfryer

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maggda We need larger frame of reference to avoid manipulation. Stay visually literate

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In a hypertext driven information space everyone’s personal digital library can look different every day by @rushkoff

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@msrupiper if you are interested in visual literacy you’ll love visual notetaking!…

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tonyvincent Let me tell you about making ✳️Infopics!✳️ β†’

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Getting closer to figuring out how to use Apple Configurator & @meraki MDM to set up new iPads at school

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iReading: The top 10 edtech lessons I’ve learnt after 15 years in schools by @karlrivers @ClassThink

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“DEP (Device Management Program) only works on school owned devices purchased directly from Apple”… via @ClassThink

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We use our brains less like hard drives & more like processors, putting information into RAM we use now by @rushkoff

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By pursuing the goal of immediacy, we risk sacrificing thoughtfulness & deliberate action by @rushkoff

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As Internet connectivity gets faster, our tendency is to adopt an “always on” lifestyle by @rushkoff

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Consider the remote control as an early interactive technology changing our relationship to the screen by @rushkoff

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thought provoking discussion of the inherent biases in tech: guns, televisions, or smart phones by @rushkoff

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Very nice: @audible_com makes it easy to return an audiobook immediately online, you can return up to 2 per 6 months…

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iReading: Why Scouting NY Is Coming To An End by @nycscout via @nuzzel @AustinCarr

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iReading: A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Assignments in Google Classroom via @nuzzel @ClintonBreau

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@carinbarrett Lots of profanity in it… and the stories it includes take a very dark & lurid turn to themes I just don’t want to read

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DrTerriC Next Week’s lead by @DrTerriOU from @oueducation at 8pm CST It’s about all things 21st Century learning! Hope to see you there!

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