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September 24th, 2015

@ELanghorst we didn’t feel it, Cushing is about an hour away from us and they’ve had a bunch pic.twitter.com/T2s7UCaCtq

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@jahillteach @AFineGal @vperezy are you all going to @EdCampCTE on Saturday? We should have a session on MDMs & iPad management

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EdCampCTE Two more days !! is almost here! We have four spots that just opened, get in while you can! pic.twitter.com/668i2bFSLX

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@vperezy I think our experiences are par for the course when it comes to MDM’s, however. It’s why many don’t use them w iPads…

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iReading: Edward Snowden, supporters, unveil anti-spying ‘Snowden Treaty’, via @ajam alj.am/c6ax pic.twitter.com/HzpYDayTeg

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@sfryer is leaving a positive imprint in all of these students lives & it is incredibly uplifting & inspiring” #amen http://t.co/JDBbMt0Xep

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iReading: Week 4 Reflection - Helping My Students Find Their Voice by @HollingerAlyssa about @sfryer @ptokc #OklaEd http://t.co/8E3HnNQEFB

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@vperezy @meraki that is quite yukky… I am having to individually resync / push apps after initial install…

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@SamPatue @hopscotch hmmmm. Please keep me posted on what you find!

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@RickCastorani yes this is my first time to work with VPP as well…

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.@RickCastorani We’re using a 7 port @AnkerOfficial AH240 http://t.co/yRy6kDmKjq & it works great with the iPads, powered charger #iPadEd

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[VIDEO] NetSupport School: Configuring Class Computers https://t.co/mQ5nOv1TkR @NetSupportGroup #edtech #howto

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iReading: Google Hangout on Air: Watching YouTube Videos j.mp/1OVra5a by @alicekeeler (can’t record YouTube videos)

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“The digital bazaar is a many to many conversation, among people acting in 1 or more cultural roles” by @rushkoff j.mp/1gQYY5u

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“abolish death penalty, cease extrajudicial killings, punish those responsible for torture…” alj.am/crua pic.twitter.com/TmrRp5ZFp3

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“Fundamental difference between mass media & digital media is interactivity: read-only vs read/write” by @rushkoff wfryer.me/rushkoff

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Helpful March 2013 PDF from @meraki: Deploying Apple iOS
in Education https://t.co/cBwX7sYukR #iPadEd #OklaEd

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iReading: @NYPL Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online & Makes Them Free to Download and Use by @OpenCulture via @KansasNana http://t.co/eB2g313Ls7

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@SamPatue not sure, will be using @hopscotch in a few weeks with our STEM club for the first time since the updates. What is your take?

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“On the web it has turned out content is NOT king, contact is king” by @rushkoff wfryer.me/rushkoff

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RT @mguhlin: Evernote is getting a major revamp, launches new notetaking beta app for Mac and Windows http://t.co/XM9xbBu1n9

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I have 127 new followers from USA, UK., Spain, and more last week. See tweepsmap.com/!wfryer pic.twitter.com/wkzbAntDW4

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iReading: Integrating Wikipedia in Your Courses: Tips and Tricks by @ProfHacker via @dkuropatwa http://t.co/WQpJCXZhZu

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DavidRoberts77 How to watch the SUPERMOON eclipse dailym.ai/1R0dLb4

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@bmos no not yet - latest crop of iPads were refurbished so we can’t use DEP with them

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