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September 25th, 2015

jonsamuelson KitHub - Electronics Kits sco.lt/59o3Mn super cool and kits by grade level thanks @wfryer! pic.twitter.com/YJQ7IHQhG1

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Got work inbox down from >200 to 50 tonight. Inbox zero (again) tomorrow! Switching soon to @schooldude for IT ticketing is going to help

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kithub How can educators incorporate into the classroom AND make it fun and affordable? bit.ly/1ENWCA5 pic.twitter.com/zjUPus1YHd

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Looks like I’ll be able 2 check out some of the student electronic kids by @kithub kithub.cc soon! Gr8 for @CasadySTEM

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iReading: Google Keep launches for iPhone by @businessinsider #googleEDU http://t.co/1KxpOsjeEt

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[Our screens] “are fast becoming the boundaries of our perceptual & conceptual apparatus” by @rushkoff j.mp/1OzbO74

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“our screens are the windows thru which we are experiencing, organizing, & interpreting our world” by @rushkoff j.mp/1MvgJTj

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“The [natural] bias of the automobile was to separate home from work” by @rushkoff wfryer.me/rushkoff

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[VIDEO] Tab Suspender & Ad Blocker (4 Google Chrome) https://t.co/2wPRWePyMy (5 min #TechTip that will change your life!) #googleEDU #OklaEd

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How I did on Twitter this week: 35 New Followers, 102 Mentions, 84.2K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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Ah, the joys of “unsupervising” iPads using Apple Configurator when transferring to a new PC & VPP using MDM pic.twitter.com/GXUZjrr6BP

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[PDF] Apple ID for Students: Institution Guide https://t.co/FpqlRN7BzT #iPadEd #OklaEd

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@RickCastorani you are welcome, I’ve had great experiences with @AnkerOfficial chargers & devices

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The @Cisco Roadshow for K12 Schools is coming to Tulsa, Edmond & Ardmore next week http://t.co/HijtUsAltd #OklaEd #edtech

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jessakoch @EdCampCTE Its a beautiful day for a TweetUp! See you tonight at 6:30pm at Louie’s in Yukon! pic.twitter.com/s5Sk9a4u9z

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Remember @EdCampCTE is tomorrow in Yukon! Other upcoming Oklahoma EdCamps are listed on edcampok.org Please RT!

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eyesrightblog “Resiliency starts with self-care. How do you replenish yourself?” via Curt Gruel

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“We are immersed in media and swimming in the ideas of other people all the time” by @rushkoff wfryer.me/rushkoff

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sfryer New post: Room108 Podcast 13: Lego Literature Challenge goo.gl/IxRVz8

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