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October 30th, 2015

iReading: Want To Turn An Old Laptop Into A Chromebook? Here’s How You Can Do That https://t.co/knsXXE2jRA

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iReading: Google folding Chrome OS into Android by @businessinsider via @ericsyuan #googleEDU https://t.co/ctXzflyUgX

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ericsyuan That’s why Sundar is a great CEO… I love Google’s decision to kill Chome OS. lnkd.in/bbccUv6

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Technology flashback tonight with @mariak: Remembering “The Language Master” card recorder https://t.co/bYJ5FcQQlk via @youtube

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How I did on Twitter this week: 83 New Followers, 144 Mentions, 193K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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HUGE thank you to @3dprinteraction for our amazing student-led tour of @OlinCollege today! (gr8 3D printer costume!) pic.twitter.com/S6AZ9aGUPD

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Prototyping labs for a future sound engineering course at @OlinCollege pic.twitter.com/uwZsDdshvW

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Amazing engineering design student workshop space @OlinCollege [PANO] pic.twitter.com/urMaQPNEiO

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Part 2 of the application process to @OlinCollege is “Candidates Weekend” via @OlinAdmission pic.twitter.com/kkwb8G4xAB

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1 of 4 @OlinCollege grads attend MIT/Stanford/Harvard for grad school via @OlinAdmission pic.twitter.com/52xDyaGmuA

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80% of rising @OlinCollege sophomores did a summer internship last year via @OlinAdmission pic.twitter.com/W4p5TU5zn4

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OlinAdmission At Olin, there’s so much to do and so little time! Find out how Ariana ’19 finds the balance between work & play ow.ly/TJI2x

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FIRSTweets 30 yrs of collaboration twds empowering kids to be creative thinkers (great vid about how kids should be learning): vimeo.com/143620419

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Beautiful fall colors on the approach to @OlinCollege today vine.co/v/e3zXzinLx27

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@jwbvt excellent, thanks. We went to Little Italy a couple years ago over fall break but haven’t been the other places you mentioned

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@TracyZordan those are good suggestions, but yes, anything else?

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OK folks knowledgeable about Boston, I need some advice: If you had 3 hours to see something cool in Boston w/ your teen, what would it be?!

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Thanks @XSEEDEducation @zoom_us for a successful videoconference from Dedham, MA to Kochi, India! pic.twitter.com/YMfYVgNQOV

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Connected to Kochi, India from Dedham, MA for today’s @XSEEDEducation video keynote via @zoom_us pic.twitter.com/HFc3pC0LbC

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@Carlitosi71 @MrSchoenbart I agree! I’m so glad to see this high level advocacy for

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RafranzDavis Pretty great stuff happening with talk around Open Educational Resources. Follow today! Definitely important! @OfficeofEdTech

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arneduncan provides ALL kids w high-quality learning materials that can be constantly updated & adjusted to meet students’ needs

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OfficeofEdTech What would it take to move your district from traditional textbooks to openly licensed educational resources?

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usedgov When tech companies, educators, and other stakeholders work together students win: 1.usa.gov/1XBJIKC

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U.S. Dept of Edu Launches Campaign to Encourage Schools to w Educational Resources nzzl.us/2BSZHbg via @nuzzel @MrSchoenbart

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Don_Jacobs This is becoming one of my FAVE blogs - kidsdeserveit.com

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CynthiaPense A2: I think it makes me feel more comfy taking risks because I can ask for ideas at any time, & I see others trying new things too

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RT @CynthiaPense: A5: Tell your story, & your kids’ stories! #RLchat https://t.co/bnMJVjddts

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RichardPense From the inside out, it must be a daily decision to Matter— @AngelaMaiers @ruthcherryint

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