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November 8th, 2015

How Mars lost its atmosphere and became a cold, dry world by @ArsTechnica (terraforming not looking viable) #stem https://t.co/a8Tu20udVd

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Amazing @novapbs [VIDEO] Making North America: Origins j.mp/1NDCz9K with host @leafdoctor (fantastic geological visualizations)

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@amyburvall how are you formatting your post, are those thick lines just <hr> tags with thicker width? Very nice formatting…

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@amyburvall really awesome creativity! “Ghost Town” is my fav :-)

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Beautiful fall November weather for what will hopefully be the last lawn mowing day of the season! pic.twitter.com/AObG1yvGaP

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My ideas responding to questions from @todbaker about removing free iPad apps using the @meraki MDM disq.us/8qugmo

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Ideas for amplifying / sharing student blog posts disq.us/8qug9i

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iReading: The 13 Best Yahoo Pipes Alternatives You Should Look at Today j.mp/1NYonqc by @MakeUseOf

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@quadrigram looks like a powerful tool to build data-driven websites quadrigram.com

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Yikes and Yuk: I just realized that Yahoo killed off “Yahoo Pipes” in June 2015 https://t.co/9tSWN39CU4 #bummer #RIP

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Ok @RachfMC you are going to LOVE this @PBS video: Hamster Stuffing Cheeks cc @sfryer youtu.be/eXJfAawAvz0

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RT @thekidshouldsee: Hamster cheeks extend back to THEIR HIPS.

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HighTechPanda Moon in a radio telescope

bit.ly/1PdYZjd pic.twitter.com/Mkc4pYOqHk

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dougeb00 @MrsBeck25 tonight’s topic has morphed into Leadership Influences and Instructional Strategies

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MrsBeck25 Join us tonight for with @dougeb00 Influence of Instructional Practice 8PM CST Check out upcoming chats as well!

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AmyBBednarz Why are their so many stabbings in Tulsa? Why all the violence?

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McKinleySchool1 My after school club “Coding for Kids” prove all kids CAN succeed! pic.twitter.com/qJEm7ATgnk

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.@AmyBBednarz the “Show with Media” framework includes 12 different media projects students can create showwithmedia.com

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CoMissourian A chronology of race relations at , all leading up to a boycott by black football players. bit.ly/1Njykf7

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How Colorado teenagers hid a massive nude sexting ring from parents and teachers nzzl.us/yvBNA5o by @peterjholley via @ClassTechTips

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eyesrightblog : On Being Human by Woodrow Wilson via Steve Hurst @fpcedmond @eco_pres FREE on @gutenberg_org gutenberg.org/ebooks/5068

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