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November 11th, 2015

I added a link to my session “Google GeoMap Workshop” to the page of “Show With Media” showwithmedia.com/geo-map/

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Online curriculum for tomorrow’s 2 hour session: “Google GeoMap Workshop” wfryer.me/geomap

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@bcrosby that sounds like a valid litmus test for culinary excellence:-)

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Oh how @sfryer loves FaceTime videoconferencing with @RachfMC at bedtime! pic.twitter.com/7KQjkLBk50

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iReading: Google Cardboard’s New York Times Experiment Just Hooked a Generation on VR in @WIRED via @willrich45 https://t.co/m06zEIOaRp

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experiencing a @tonyvincent conference presentation is like watching an Olympic athlete perform.

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@bcrosby you are a true Renaissance man :-)

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bcrosby I’m outside wearing flip flops standing in snow barbecuing salmon.

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kjarrett A3: Developed our program manifesto w/cross-func team of staff, admin, community & more. ow.ly/UxRFC Guides our work.

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FelixJacomino Anyone read this and know if it’s any good yet? pic.twitter.com/kocxDWegpj

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@langwitches @edtechworkshop bummer, I hope your flight makes it and not too late. It is very humid here in Coconut Grove :-)

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@jjash @sfryer we are great and glad to be here! looking forward to seeing you soon!

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corporatized @wfryer Corporate greed is destroying our PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Support Corporatized the Movie gofundme.com/856q545g

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I’m supporting this fundraiser, please check it out: ‘Corporatized the Movie - ’ - dt.gofund.me/856q545g

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.@SA_tech very good, I’m glad to see @FelixJacomino has found another great way to use 5.25” floppy disks! @MiamiDevice

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iReading: Official - Oklahoma is now No. 1 earthquake area in the world by @kfor #oklaed #geomap #MiamiDevice https://t.co/D1OWEYyF1g

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iReading: Some Thoughts About The “T” in STEM j.mp/1lkDd0P by @bcrosby

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new Learning Showcase post: Using Perimeter and Area in MinecraftEdu at Casady School j.mp/1MKUrdR

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johntmiley “There is no doubt about it” that Elon Musk is going to Mars — @dfjsteve

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RT @bcrosby: Great resource from @wfryer on classroom blogging. Check it out! https://t.co/hHxiOclFMa

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JaneGoodallInst How do you stay hopeful & inspired? @FastCompany sits down w/ Dr. to find out. goo.gl/Jf0lLX pic.twitter.com/uk8OuuVpcc

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I added “Newton’s Laws of Classroom Blogging” to the Interactive Writing page of “Show With Media” https://t.co/o4R9LJfWmP #MiamiDevice

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#OklaEd Please consider setting up your own “Learning Showcase” blog for your school! Contact me if I can help you! https://t.co/0nJfuqntHd

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shareTED .@HomeDepot
Thanks for offering such an engaging hands-on .
Jet building success!

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RT @shareTED: All Ss should have these discovery based, hands-on #expeditionarylearning opps. #thisisschool https://t.co/rCH6OnDDpR

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@okcgood you are welcome, thanks to your team for putting together the great video! @ParksinFocus is a fantastic program!

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okcgood New (and really fun) community story up featuring both @ParksinFocus & Positive Tomorrows @ptokc! Fishing & Photos!

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All Oklahoma students should have opportunities 2take outdoor education field trips like @ptokc students do! #OklaEd https://t.co/hcLcEe62nx

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Shout out to @okcgood Udall Foundation’s Parks in Focus program & @ptOKC in @sfryer’s latest post #OklaEd #OutdoorEd https://t.co/mQ52MuTm1i

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Super 4 minute video by @okcgood about a recent @ptokc student field trip to Arcadia Lake! https://t.co/anSlF648Ta #OklaEd #UrbanEd #OKC

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@mapand are you going to post all the answers you get somewhere? If so please tweet me the link :-)

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Q&A: Host Felix Jacomino Digs Deeper into Professional Development nzzl.us/IjYFgIZ by @NoApp4Pedagogy via @owenjc30

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@mapand “Creativity & technology are natural partners but it’s up to each person to decide how to use these tools. Can use for good or evil”

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dlegore Paper Penny Bridge - winner of Black MELT was 421 pennies! Quite a design! instagram.com/p/97FiQ_iIdn/

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