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November 17th, 2015

eyesrightblog I am SO thankful this night for the modern marvel of telephony & cell phone communication. What a blessing in times of darkness & crisis…

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RT @thelawyercatrin: What 19th-century French artists thought the year 2000 would look like: https://t.co/f6zCquojBr via @slate

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BlueCerealEduc Measuring students by standardized test results is like ranking authors by their Scrabble scores.

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@BlueCerealEduc :-) It’s easy to do! Perhaps I should not tweet after 11 pm as a general rule!

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I inadvertently posted something on this (my main) Twitter channel which I’d intended for my @eyesrightblog channel.

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@kshevy ok - thanks for the feedback! So glad you found it & used it! Our @casadyschoolokc 6th graders did it too! https://t.co/gZQJACYTAP

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iReading: ISIS using encrypted apps 4communications; former intel officials blame Snowden [Updated] j.mp/1LkIN8m by @thepacketrat

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So good, our family calls this cheesecake “the illegal!” @ The Cheesecake Factory instagram.com/p/-NeGQWugH5/

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danieldmccabe The path to self awareness is paved by stones of humility, kindness, courage and passion for curiosity.

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yaujauku Yup, having keynote withdrawals already. Fantastic 4: @adambellow @veritasium @gcouros @AngelaMaiers pic.twitter.com/xp0c1leilh

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@joshbottomly I love - & teachers unafraid to communicate with stick figures in class! Well done :-)

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@rich_magee1 I will definitely write one! We’re just starting with 2 video screens but I’m pretty sure we will be scaling this up with more

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iReading: SpaceX appears poised to launch its first national security payload j.mp/1MR2mKZ by @SciGuySpace in @arstechnica

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iReading: Anne Frank foundation moves to keep famous diary copyrighted for 35 more years j.mp/1Na4UG2 by @joemullin @arstechnica

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iReading: Edward @Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy j.mp/1LkIGtn by @micahflee in @the_intercept

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[VIDEO] The Democrats have changed the rules (why @lessig @Lessig2016 has dropped out of the race for US President) https://t.co/APX6t7mEBg

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iReading: Campaign-Finance Crusader Lawrence Lessig Ends Presidential Bid j.mp/1LkHypI by @NPR

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“money should not empower you in the USA to have political power” by @lessig @lessig2016 https://t.co/t7i2PVMtOt

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[VIDEO] Can @lessig Win The Presidency AND Get Money Out Of Politics? (Interview w/ @cenkuygur) TYT Interviews https://t.co/t7i2PVMtOt

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@awsamuel @TheAtlantic yes absolutely, thanks so much for sharing it!

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kshevy Doing our first @MinecraftEdu challenge from the world library. Thx @wfryer My SS love the Treehouse challenge! pic.twitter.com/vymYPFxtLD

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@kshevy @MinecraftEdu that is fantastic, did you find the treehouse challenge in the online world library? I don’t remember if I uploaded it

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I made great progress today at school getting our @MediaSignage digital signage setup! digitalsignage.com

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RT @Pen63: Learning about Schoolwide WordPress Blogs with Andrea Hernandez https://t.co/3dSF9X0lUa via @wfryer #edtech #edchat

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Learning about this morning: SIP trunking (by Wikipedia) #edtech #IPtelephony https://t.co/q5N9Vb6mrV

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iReading: Minecraft Hour of Code by @codeorg nzzl.us/0JHTtcx via @nuzzel @julia_boulton cc @sfryer

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@daviottenheimer do you have a link that provides more details?

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