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November 25th, 2015

Google Certified Innovator (formerly Google Certified Teacher) applications open Dec 2nd! j.mp/1Tg06xR via @Jepson @GoogleForEdu

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GoogleForEdu You asked & we listened: teachers can now add private comments when returning work to students in pic.twitter.com/KfKnOc9Ubz

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Let’s start Thanksgiving with some family arm wrestling vine.co/v/iz3YpHFq6H3

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Playing “LifeStories” to start Thanksgiving family time https://t.co/Nzmz3S1ics https://t.co/vawpH6iAQY

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NWSNorman Before the weather gets busy over the next couple of days, thought we would share some Thanksgiving trivia! pic.twitter.com/J9IS74JABx

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rudytoot1 Classroom Blogging Options (August 2015) via @wfryer sco.lt/55Wmpd pic.twitter.com/tMj1ZImqyS

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Great green screen video by students & teachers at @EpicElementary in Liberty, Missouri youtu.be/rkb8i-bZtIo

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RT @mschmitz_1: So excited to share our EPiC Elementary book on iTunes. You can download a free copy. https://t.co/7xhQJYLdoV

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@MrsGadtke @Seesaw thanks - unfortunately, however, SafeShareTV links don’t work on @sfryer ‘s school network…

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iReading: AT&T, Verizon try to prevent ban on text message blocking j.mp/1lKTvQT by @jbrodkin in @arstechnica

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pbsteachers CONGRATS to @TriSciCurious - Montana’s 2016 ! @MontanaPBS & @PBS are proud! ow.ly/SxKXV

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I updated my @clustrmaps on “Show What You Know with Media” showwithmedia.com

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just helped @sfryer cross-post / archive her latest 6 classroom podcast episodes to AmazonS3 & her blog https://t.co/wDSQ1wspEa #OklaEd

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[VIDEO] Great Thanksgiving Listen from StoryCorps & Google https://t.co/zxaDwrjsD6 by @StoryCorps via @sfryer #OklaEd

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I love how @sfryer used a @PBSLrnMedia video storyboard https://t.co/fh1nT6HvNU in her Oct unit on spiders! https://t.co/QNWJFETZ22 #OklaEd

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ayahbdeir Yup, @littleBits now works with @Minecraft. And it’s as epic as you think it would be littlebits.cc/bitcraft

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@dreambition @sfryer @BkPkStories @TrevorMuir we will! I’m already thinking of stories about Mr Baker (6th grade) & Mrs Bogart (high school)

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@katsok I LOVED your @BkPkStories [PODCAST] about Mrs. Tuck! Thanks for sharing that powerful story! cc @TrevorMuir pca.st/oA9t

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.@TrevorMuir wow this podcast about Mrs. Tuck was fantastic! So inspiring. I love “teacher impact stories.” So important to share & listen!

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RT @TrevorMuir: Latest episode of Stories From School! Miss Tuck https://t.co/q0iceNyoeI #edchat #COLchat

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Listening with @sfryer to @BkPkStories Stories From School: Episode 4 Miss Tuck pca.st/oA9t

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BkPkStories We’re a thing! Thank you @theyarnpodcast for introducing our show and sharing @katsok’s Story From School.

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librarykittie I’m finally listening to @theyarnpodcast. Love, love hearing authors talk about their process. Can’t wait to share with Ss. @100scopenotes

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iReading: How 2 remove related videos from the end of an embedded YouTube video by @illuminea via @Seesaw #googleEDU https://t.co/nDfxnUHhQN

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Does anyone know how to remove related YouTube videos when you share a link on @Seesaw ?

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I’m so proud of @sfryer & her @ptokc students - inspired by @StoryCorps in their latest classroom podcast! https://t.co/sVOAvU8eT7 #OklaEd

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.@OpinionPod Thanks so much for your help! We got @sfryer ‘s podcast fixed & the new episode added! https://t.co/rh3Qn0nfOl @ptokc #OklaEd

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@OpinionPod Oh disregard - we got that userID to work with an old password! :-) @sfryer

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@OpinionPod yes please do send a new password… The app sign in asks for email not the username room-108-oklahoma-city tho @sfryer

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Downloaded all of @sfryer ‘s classroom podcasts via iTunes & uploaded to Amazon S3 for backup pic.twitter.com/9AQFz1pzdY

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@OpinionPod she is still logging in with the same email and password @sfryer

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@OpinionPod here is the new episode she created https://t.co/lxG1LUyQlV & here is the old channel https://t.co/XYVTOiXRLC

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@OpinionPod your new app update broke @sfryer ‘s class podcast, and she doesn’t have all the old episodes on her phone. Help!

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“Art is a crushing chore… Only when we are at our most playful can divinity get really serious with us” by @GilbertLiz

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[AUDIO] Goodbye, No Child Left Behind by @npr (but high-stakes testing remains, is this a big change?!) #oklaed https://t.co/sUiqG4pCQi

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