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December 5th, 2015

2009 [VIDEO] : Cooking Holiday Sausage Balls (Int’l Cooking Show) on our family learning blog :-)…

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Programmable $300 Meccanoid robot for sale at @Brookstone

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ThinkwithGoogle Vote now for that rocked your socks in 2015.

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@MerylDraper @quirkcreative @WesternUnion It’s a great ad - you have a talented team! :-)

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Never a good thing when the dogs decide to start tasting Christmas ornaments :-(

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@ConnectedCamps fantastic! I just told @RachfMC & she is thrilled - just registered her online! :-)

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I added 15 more links in the shownotes for my latest podcast: “The Technology Director Speaks”

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CocaColaAfrica Watch ONE, the @PeaceOneDay anthem by our artists here:

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iReading: Our [MINECRAFT] Kid Club Is Now Free by @ConnectedCamps cc @RachfMC @sfryer

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ConnectedCamps Did you hear the awesome news? Kid Club is now Free! Sign up and play afterschool and on the weekends.

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iReading: Star Wars Google Cardboard headsets are adorable, but only for Verizon customers by @thedextriarchy @verge

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iMore How to use Apple Pay: The ultimate guide

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@mguhlin yep - my fav line: “You can get up to 1TB of single-point-of-failure storage that requires to be backed up frequently”

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iReading: End the Gun Epidemic in America by @nytimes (the root issue, however, is campaign finance reform…) via Twitter for iPhone