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December 6th, 2015

FatCatArtist And anytime you are using social media with students and parents, it’s a great time to talk digital citizenship as well!

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Teenservant A10) I feel like if we had thousands of students demanding a fix to the problems faced, we’d get a lot more attention

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AmyBBednarz every stakeholder in ed needs to have their voices heard and don’t back down. Education is the most important issue of our time!

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@MariaK awesome- thanks, Maria! @RachfMC :-)

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ClaudiaSwisher A10-I communicate about public education every moment of my day. Every encounter. Every conversation. We are all ambassadors.

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grendelrick A10 All policy makers, including administrators, should pursue the pulse of Ts, Ss, and Ps - fiercely. twitter.com/JacksonGirl79/…

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grendelrick A1 We also need parents as advocates for public education. Some legislators will listen to them, not us.

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bridgestyler If you aren’t using @Seesaw, then you’re behind again!

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JanalynTaylor We tweet out a taping of a weekly report with kids sharing class happenings. It has become a favorite of parents.

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.@RachfMC needs 5 more YouTube subscribers 2 hit 300! If you like or are interested in you plz subscribe! youtube.com/user/RachelArt…

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Just used a FREE account on @NoIPcom noip.com to configure a dynamic hostname (domain) we can for our home server

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Audio file conversions in process… vine.co/v/i75mLagbEKh

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Using Mac app “WMA to MP3 Pro” ($2) itunes.apple.com/us/app/wma-to-… to convert @writesellwell session audio files pic.twitter.com/ZiTf8TJ9He

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Helping @RachfMC this afternoon save & consolidate (on 1 laptop) her 51 lifetime Minecraft saved worlds pic.twitter.com/1lbIWV8puR

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spencerideas I enjoyed this podcast episode from @wfryer

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Just listened to @OpinionPod Episode 23 We’re Coding! – Room 108 Oklahoma City b@sfryere@ptokcke…108-oklahoma-city.madewithopinion.com/were-coding/#G5

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I shared @sfryer ‘s @ptokc podcast “Things We Are Grateful For” w/ our @fpcedmond Sunday School class today …108-oklahoma-city.madewithopinion.com/episode-21-thi…

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Children’s Books headed to ISS as part of Story Time From Space project j.mp/1lGcv2A

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Tim Peake: How the former army major became Britain’s first astronaut – in his parents’ wordj.mp/1PLXfOVi6

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eyesrightblog Jean Wellfare always shares attention-grabbing and poignant children’s sermons! @fpcedmond @eco_pres pic.twitter.com/wf0uiRjmyo

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Chevron funds nation’s largest K-12 campus fab lab at Kennedy High in Richmond j.mp/1Nz5wTY

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Futurism on Twitter j.mp/1lGcefY

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