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December 14th, 2015

[VIDEO] Democratic Socialism and Foreign Policy… by @BernieSanders (watching on )

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@craigyen @jburg ok - thanks. If you hear of anything then please let me know! :-)

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iReading: Richard Culatta @rec54 Resigning as Ed-Tech Director at U.S. Department of Education by @EdWeekEdTech…

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educationweek Federal officials are calling for teacher colleges to revamp educators’ training.…

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Inspire_Us Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be louder than your words.

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STLinOK Welcome crew to tonight’s chat! Introduce yourself & rank your Star Wars knowledge from rookie to Jedi

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“many of us don’t feel we have the right to dictate our relationship to the onslaught of incoming digital traffic” by @rushkoff

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EduCoder A2: I completely changed how I think about bc of PLN and @ddmeyer ‘s TED talk. Started a never-ending journey 4 me

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Our fireplace repairs are all complete! Now the cold winter weather can begin in earnest…

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shareski The for best video on twitter in 60 seconds goes to …@jgates513…

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TanyaAvrith Honoured to have been able to call @bobsprankle my friend. From 2012 w/t @wfryer…

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@paulajamieson it works great, I’ve used it for quite a few green screen videos on my own and with students…

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“Faster, freer, & fatter home Internet connections encourage us to adopt an ALWAYS ON approach to media & information” by @rushkoff

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“Google searches for most people are like Hail Mary passes into the digital ether” by @rushkoff

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: Black Box Thinking - Why Most People Never Learn from Mistakes by @matthewsyed

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iReading: No more brainstorm sessions. This is how innovation really works. by @matthewsyed via @jburg

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1 of our teachers is interested in iPad/digital art workshops in the SF Bay area June 6-12 next year. Any suggestions? @craigyen @jburg

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4 more days to apply: Boeing PD Grants Available to OKC Math, Science Ts… by @OFExcellence via @vickhviolin

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MLiebreich Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar. The Winners and Losers in Paris:…

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mpetty39 Happy Monday PLN! I’d appreciate it if teachers would answer 1 question for a post I’m writing:…

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