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December 15th, 2015

new post: EdTechTalk Show on Wednesday Dec 16 Remembering Bob Sprankle… @bobsprankle @edtechtalk

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DepressedDarth Vote for me, I have a Death Star with a giant laser

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Craftbot = new 3D printer option based in Stillwater, OK (see in Penn Square Mall)

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Search the YouTube Kids iOS app for @RachfMC to watch videos!

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@jamielocklin @erod129 hmmm. Not sure based on his profile pic. More photos?

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edtechtalk Join @cheryloakes50 @alicebarr @jefflebow @davecormier 12.16 at 9pmET/6pmPT Remember Bob Sprankle

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The first 2 audio podcast reflections added to Please record & share your own!

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iReading: The Globe’s Hottest Year Just Keeps Getting Hotter by @ClimateCentral…

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3 of my 6 proposals were accepted this year :-)

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“Digital slideshows often distract students because they mediate the interaction w/ the instructor, adding distance betw them” by @rushkoff

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mberry Papert, 1993: “The most important skill … is the ability to learn new skills, to take in new concepts, to assess new situations”

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spencerideas Some cool ideas here by @wfryer
Brainstorming the Digital Sharing Map: Classroom Edition…

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In “Program or be Programmed” I think @rushkoff actually underestimates the potential power, value and impact of virtual interactions

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.@TechChef4u @tonyvincent @FelixJacomino I’m looking for recommendations for iPad cases for an elementary classroom. Suggestions?

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Listening to [PODCAST] Oklahoma City: Episode 24 We’re Impressed KD @KDTrey5 @okcthunder @ptokc

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RachelArtist_ Minecraft PC - Scandinavia Christmas Edition: Excited Face! {26}: via @YouTube

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sfryer @News_O_Matic I LOVE that students can now get News on the computer. @wfryer

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@KatieKinder1 good job on your Adobe voice digital story!

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“Technologies continue to empower us to use our brains more as processors than hard drives. This started with written text…” by @rushkoff

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“The immediacy of our digital connections encourages us to pay more attention to the recent instead of the relevant” by @rushkoff

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@marsenault fantastic, thanks. I will update the original post with that password so others can use it!

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Started my day watching the 2009 @bobsprankle [VIDEO] “The Wind Blows It All Away” via @TanyaAvrith

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@marsenault ugh, thanks for letting me know. Maybe I have to use a password? I re-created it, try now using the password “bobsprankle”

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ronincoquitlam @morgfair US town rejects solar panels amid fears they ‘suck up all the energy from the sun’…

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My latest cross-posted article about @BernieSanders on @Medium won’t auto-embed a YouTube or Twitter link…

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new post: Inspired by Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders and “Democratic Socialism”…

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BernieSanders Most new wealth flows to the top 1 percent. It’s a system held in place by corrupt politics.…

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