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January 1st, 2016

@NikkiDRobertson @techsavvyteach @ELanghorst yes @sfryer has run into the same problem with their iPad 2’s & Dash & Dot by @WonderWorkshop

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gr8 FREE resource: & with @YearCompass yearcompass.com via @misskorilyn (reflective & planning booklet)

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So excited to learn about @AnchorDownOKC Corn Dog specialists in downtown anchordownokc.com via @misskorilyn

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EdGamer SIT Conference 2016 - A conference for students by students. @mr_isaacs @lucasgillispie @MatthewFarber @wfryer twitter.com/sitconference/…

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@bcrosby I’m definitely game. I’m sure you’re making some contacts that could help, @BDruecker & @kevinhoneycutt have several down there too

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“best practices are emerging from coworking spaces, hacker spaces, maker spaces… openness, sharing & co-creation” j.mp/1PBBwGv

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“Spaces & buildings have the ability to communicate certain qualities which we then experience when we inhabit them” j.mp/1PBBwGv

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My week on Twitter: 87 New Followers, 155 Mentions, 264K Mention Reach. How’s your audience growing? via sumall.com/myweek

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new post: Virtual Spaces Increasingly Shape Our Learning wfryer.me/3z5 h/t @om @magnolfi @RachfMC @sfryer pic.twitter.com/6L1uMogztR

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k12artchat STEAM into the New Year w these awesome hosts for in January! pic.twitter.com/eMXkIDuZHX

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Artguy76 CK out our host next Thurs. @MiniMatisse Jan. 7 Topic will be Stop Animation in the Clsrm pic.twitter.com/W3T7WuKxf9

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Start your 2016 with a full day of iPad tech integration ideas & tips! Join @sfryer & I for iCamp on Fri Jan 15th! wfryer.me/icamp06

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burgessdave One of my favorite quotes from The by @gcouros twitter.com/MKuniya/status…

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mpetty39 “Podcast 437: The 2015 EdTech Year in Review” from @wfryer speedofcreativity.org/2015/12/31/pod…

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1st time to see this: @Forbes blocks all browser access 2 their website as long as you’re running AdBlocker software pic.twitter.com/2I5e1JGICi

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@Allanahk @bcrosby oh that was an amazing trip & visit! I hope I can return to New Zealand sometime with my family :-) Happy New Year!

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Start your 2016 right with this [PODCAST] or [VIDEO] version of the “2015 EdTech Review” j.mp/1JNnvAX pic.twitter.com/tevDMEsXKX

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iReading: In the Tech Mosh Pit: True Adventures of @NikkiDRobertson j.mp/1OA3OEf by @Llauren in @sljournal

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mediumaddict “What We Can Learn From a Forty-Year Old Handshake in Space” by @Astro_Ron medium.com/@Astro_Ron/wha…?mtFA

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iReading: You Are Here: Around The World in 92 Minutes j.mp/1RcLccd by @Cmdr_Hadfield

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My 7 year old cousin did a fine job drawing this version of Darth Vader pic.twitter.com/IQM0LSSe72

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@bcrosby @Allanahk that is so fantastic! I am so happy for both of you. What a great way to ring in the new year :-)

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bcrosby This is where they filmed the floating the river in barrels scene in the Hobbit. Video later pic.twitter.com/gAS8o8YMZ3

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bcrosby We really lucked out with weather at Mt Cook today. Hoping it holds for telescope viewing tonight! pic.twitter.com/BqpYF9yKGS

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bcrosby Iceberg flipping, Tasman Lake, Mt. Cook, New Zealand youtu.be/KkbhXEwLJB0

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@bcrosby Great pics! Are you going to ride the Shotover jet boat in Queenstown? :-)

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@bcrosby how awesome you got to celebrate New Year’s in New Zealand! Enjoy middle earth for me! I’m quite jealous :-)

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evankirstel You can build real-life ‘Minecraft’ creations that work with the game on @mashable mashable.com/2015/12/30/min… pic.twitter.com/ECY6c61bIw

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