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January 8th, 2016

@skolteacher thanks. 1 of our 5th grade science teachers (Aric Sappington) who is a Chromebook shared it a few weeks ago

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@rich_magee1 we’ve felt quite a few over the holidays, they have gotten much stronger. 1 was a 4.3 & woke us up at night. A bit alarming

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the first interactive TV show: “Winky Dink and You”… (1953-1957)

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The way my earthquake app continues to blow up every day, you’d think Armageddon was here…

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@PiedmontSTEM I definitely agree. @joy4ok clarified last night the funds were reallocated not cut. See…

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PiedmontTeach85 Don’t tell me these minds need future STEM education funds eliminated

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merrywillis Join us! Register your class now for Merry’s Mystery Skype-A-Thon… via @Microsoft_EDU

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NWSNorman Our next wx system is near. Expect snow across W & N Oklahoma this evening, to a mix across central Oklahoma, changing to snow early Sat AM.

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Anyone had good success with an iPhone app that lets you export text messages?

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My week on Twitter: 41 New Followers, 133 Mentions, 314K Mention Reach. How’s your audience growing? via

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I used DocHub (FREE) to edit a PDF in my browser today & send it to someone via Google Drive

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iReading: 2016 Google Tracker: Everything Google is working on for the new year in @arstechnica

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iReading: Google Cardboard saves baby’s life via @CNN @nuzzel @tanyapsnook

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“How can technologies be used for experimenting, exploring, & expressing ourselves?” Essential questions from @mres

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LittleLadyPlays from is a great way to get your into the fun way.…

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[VIDEO] articulation by @mres of Paulo Freire, John Dewey & Seymour Papert’s pedagogies applied to digital learning

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Important reminder: Get your medical power of attorney documents together for your spouse & yourself NOW before you need them! via Ken Rees

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PDF (2 pages) - Notes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver by Ken Rees @fpcedmond… cc @sfryer

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“Finding the right medication mix for Alzheimer’s disease / Dementia is more of an art than a science” by Ken Rees @fpcedmond

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scienceserious Access to the Internet influences our willingness to answer questions…

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“It’s not so much the KIND of technology you use, it’s the WAY you use it” by @mres

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