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January 20th, 2016

@jcurtis4082 it’s about 10 cents more expensive for no ethanol here

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@cathyl4 I am ready to go all electric with @TeslaMotors but will have to wait till their $30,000 model 3 I think in 2017…

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@jasonmkern amen! It’s another reason to promote stem integration too

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@jasonmkern I love the idea of giving faculty autonomy for creative, experiential, cross-curricular, collaborative short courses like that!

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We gassed up in Oklahoma City tonight for $1.37 per gallon for ethanol, but stations in Edmond tonight are selling gas for $1.33 / gal

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Nice on the pocketbook when a full tank of gas costs < $25, probably not so good for our electric car transition tho pic.twitter.com/XwSRNG0JLV

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@My_Torch thank you for creating such a needed an awesome product! Really hope to give it a try when you start shipping later this spring!

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For an example check out what @KinkaidSchool in Houston is offering right now during a three-week intercession kinkaid.org/page.cfm?p=5254

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@jasonmkern …or requiring freshman seminar courses. These are small and often on diverse topics which cross disciplinary lines

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@jasonmkern Yes, definitely. Independent schools continue to become more like colleges, and many selective colleges are now offering…

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Excited about power of the @My_Torch family friendly router with web history & parental controls via @gigastacey mytorch.com/features

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new curricular terms for me today: “post-AP courses” and “the college seminar movement” (as manifested in independent schools)

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@kshevy Let me know how it goes, I’m very excited you’re doing the @MinecraftEdu Redstone Challenge!!! stem.wesfryer.com/home/minecraft…

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@kshevy I would recommend moving to the next level (building area for the rollercoaster, I think?) & then teleporting students TO you

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@kshevy login as a teacher in @MinecraftEdu for teleport powers. This wiki page has instructions & shortcut keys services.minecraftedu.com/wiki/Teacher_M…

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sfryer @SquishyCircuts 2nd day at our school and already knows how a circuit works! @ptokc @wfryer pic.twitter.com/4tXhCRfTx1

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My best RTs this week came from: @ShellTerrell @Seesaw @joedale @BookCreatorApp Who were yours? sumall.com/thankyou

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“The important thing about @sfryer ‘s class at @ptokc: We help each other accomplish our goals” pic.twitter.com/HpB0Ub0FCx

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