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January 21st, 2016

iReading: Are We Teaching Students How To Swim Or Handing Them Rocks As They Sink? by @watersenglish

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watersenglish “The great teacher is not the man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people.” R.W. Emerson

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LynnToTheRescue Mon. is our meetup-learn what’s new in ver. 4.4-then an exploratory mtg about an WordCamp

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I just registered to attend the first WordPress OKC User’s Group meeting of 2016 on January 25th!

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jackiegerstein Student Centered Instructional Methods via @MiaMacMeekin

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30 minutes till our next @EdCampOKC organizer meeting!

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@technojohnson @rushtonh @k12online thanks so much for joining us tonight & helping brainstorm!

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JoyKirr @k12online Let’s start tweeting out the archives! Perhaps have ONE central page where ALL are listed by topic from each year?

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Bridging the Bio-Electronic Divide: How We’re Translating Brain Activity Into Binary by @futurism on…

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BUDatOU Teachers would get $10K raise under bills filed by state senator | News OK…

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Best @blab webcam via @AskChefDennis: Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS…

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Just participated in my 1st @blab: Leadership Series: Brenda Enders…

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Just downloaded FREE iOS app: “Blab - live video conversations by Bebo” via @pgeorge

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jonathanwylie Inside and Outside Digital Sharing via @wfryer h/t @RecessDuty

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kishizuka Lessons Learned using Storycorps iPhone App for Family Oral History Interviews By @wfryer

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@kshevy @johnmillerEDU @MinecraftEdu sounds like Microsoft will integrate logins w other products to woo students into 365…

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@kshevy @johnmillerEDU @MinecraftEdu disappointing for schools who purchased expecting lifetime updates :-( short lifetime…

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@kshevy @johnmillerEDU hard to say, but sounds like @MinecraftEdu won’t be updated further as a separate app

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iReading: Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future by @fmanjoo in @nytimes

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iReading: Announcing Minecraft - Education Edition via @nuzzel @johnmillerEDU (replacing @MinecraftEdu)

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I have 169 new followers from USA, UK., and more last week. See!wfryer

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