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January 25th, 2016

21cli The principle goal of education is to create men and women that are capable of doing new things pic.twitter.com/dqfsTZdUtN

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NASA .@NASA_Hubble found what looks like a cosmic lightsaber in our Milky Way galaxy: go.nasa.gov/1PbjXic pic.twitter.com/PJId3ThYRA

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@daniel_okc good to visit with you tonight at our meetup :-)

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free Skype group calls allow up to 25 folks, @zoom_us free videoconferences support up to 50 folks for 40 minutes zoom.us

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: We are prohibited from hosting a WordCamp at @okchristian because it is a religious-affilitated organization

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superpoweredweb gave me a portable career that goes where ever the military sends us & allows me to stay home with my babies.

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get updated on evolution via [VIDEO] State of the Word 2015 j.mp/1Unqrdq by @photomatt via @AerychJ

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“Rest API” for may be a precursor for using it as an application platform, not just a CMS or blogging tool!

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Responsive image uploads not currently supported for WordPress mobile apps, but patches are coming. Now upload from browser

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learning at tonight: Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4 j.mp/1UnnMAH

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so excited @dgordonart is attending our meetup tonight! Danny is an amazing artist & illustrator! Remember him @RachfMC ?!

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refreshokc It’s been a while folks, but stay tuned. We have some big news coming soon!

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our group has been going since 2009 & now has over 400 people in our @Meetup group! So we’re considering a in 2016!

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Excited to hear “What’s New in WordPress 4.4” by @AerychJ at tonight at @okchristian meetup.com/OKC-WordPress-…

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Remember our first meetup of 2016 starts at 7 PM central in Edmond at @okchristian meetup.com/OKC-WordPress-…

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Approx 19,000,000 gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed on SEA jungles, started by JFK in 1961 via @AnnieJacobsen pic.twitter.com/SejqZPYmal

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BookCreatorApp Save YouTube Videos to iPad Camera Roll for Green Screen Compositing.

bit.ly/23nJivd by @wfryer


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New workshop resource Google Doc for using “Book Creator for iPad” wfryer.me/bookcreator

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archived version of library eBook project website from 2014-15 via @internetarchive Wayback Machine!

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Heading to Alex’s AFROTC scholarship interview today at @Det675 at OU cc @sfryer pic.twitter.com/XEqr5IFZc9

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@garystager Great job on this presentation & synopsis of Papert’s ideas, Gary! Your continued advocacy for those ideas is so important

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@sfryer @ptokc Nice, I like the inside / outside thinking! :-)

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sfryer @ptokc @wfryer Exploring inside/outside traits of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. pic.twitter.com/IvkmxTBlCR

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@AnnieJacobsen my grandfather worked on the Manhattan Project, so I have different points of intersection to your book’s themes :-)

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@AnnieJacobsen our family used to do a lot of camping around Los Alamos, NM, & it’s crazy imagining all the projects going on there still

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@AnnieJacobsen I am loving your book, btw, 1 of my USAFA debate partners (graduated a year ahead of me) was a DARPA program manager

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@AnnieJacobsen yes @world_affairs is one of my favorite podcasts of all times, just incredible ideas shared there!

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POPSUGARTech Get ready to stare in amazement at this GIF of Pluto: popsugar.com/tech/Video-GIF… pic.twitter.com/uEOiAW2fyJ

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pebrodsky Portfolios trump transcripts in depth, dimension & authentic demonstration of learning blogs.edweek.org/teachers/work_… @mssackstein

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osala93 Great @wfryer tutorial on YouTube > Camera Roll > Green screen background workflow via free iPad apps! bit.ly/20owUsr

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iReading: Egypt after the revolution cnn.com/2016/01/25/wor… by Kyle Almond on @CNN

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