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January 30th, 2016

Make plans to join @techsavvyteach & I LIVE for 2nd episode of “The EdTech Situation Room” @edtechsr this Wed night twitter.com/edtechsr/statu…

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edtechsr New “Discussion Links” page & Google Doc added to our website edtechsr.com/links/ (updated list of shownotes) by @techsavvyteach @wfryer

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@GKDada1 @sfryer thanks. We have had reports of problems in other places so I thought I would check since you favorited that tweet :-)

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@GKDada1 are you able to pull up @sfryer ‘s website links in Pakistan?

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GKDada1 A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. - Confucius

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“untenable gas prices for Oklahoma carbon producers” (easy on the consumer pocketbook, however) pic.twitter.com/wMZ9u1ceow

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Anyone have a theory why @sfryer ‘s websites shellyfryer.com & classroom.shellyfryer.com are working for some visitors but not others?

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cyndidannerkuhn Preparing for Transitions by Shelly Fryer @sfryer, ln.is/weebly.com/5VW…

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@pgeorge @blab @techsavvyteach OK that is great to know, I think that means I’ll set it up with @edtechsr

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@ELanghorst @edtechsr @techsavvyteach awesome, thanks! Looks like we’ll go again this Wednesday night at 9 PM Central on @blab :-)

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@pgeorge I’m about to set up our 1st @blab for @edtechsr w @techsavvyteach - should I use my personal Twitter account or the show’s?

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Upcoming menus for this week thanks to @KansasNana ‘s amazing cookbook: Tangerine ribs, Stromboli, & Italian soup cc @sarahefryer0202

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Have you listened to episode 1 of “The EdTech Situation Room” @edtechsr yet with @techsavvyteach & I?! edtechsr.com/2016/01/28/edt…

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@TechNinjaTodd @blab @edtechsr @techsavvyteach i’m wondering if it would be better to be ourselves, however, so people see our own icons?

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@TechNinjaTodd do you recommend hosting the @blab on one of our personal Twitter accounts or on our @edtechsr account? cc @techsavvyteach

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Hey @TechNinjaTodd - both @techsavvyteach & I are looking for some tips about hosting a show on @blab - we started @edtechsr last week…

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TechNinjaTodd LOVE this post from @lmstump!! Show her some love with a RT or comment!! twitter.com/lmstump/status…

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TyrnaD Calling students “scholars” does not fix the school-to-prison pipeline. You have to treat students as scholars

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@calypsogilstrap @oklibs that is awesome! If you have room I’d be glad to present a session for you :-)

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dogtrax How To Become an NGSS Superhero middleweb.com/27713/how-to-b… @middleweb

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pgeorge President Obama Announces ‘Computer Science for All’ Initiative blogs.edweek.org/edweek/curricu… via educationweek

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@Lesesky check this link eol.jsc.nasa.gov/HDEV/ if you have an Apple TV search for ISS, it’s a $.99 app

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@wfryer we are watching this with a $.99 app on Apple TV. It’s a high definition video feed from the ISS

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I absolutely love the opportunity to see the live view from the international space station on our AppleTV at home! pic.twitter.com/vEToAuwsnY

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EdGamer If you needed a short 5 min video to demo the potential of what video would you use? @mr_isaacs @lucasgillispie @MatthewFarber @wfryer

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mathewi Twitter’s biggest problem was going public after Facebook — inflated expectations both for stock and service:medium.com/@AntDeRosa/res…X

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eyesrightblog new post: Pastoral Prayer for January 24, 2016 wp.me/p4bdf3-rQ @fpcedmond @eco_pres

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LIVE on : Circle the State choir concert take 2 periscope.tv/w/aX0gUjc5NTcz…

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Vacuuming & cleaning our underground tornado shelter today… instagram.com/p/BBLUxMxugGU/

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Great job @cyndidannerkuhn using a class hashtag to amplify student voices and encourage edu connections! pic.twitter.com/BBUmmKDM4k

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@shaile_taylor thanks for sharing those kind words about @sfryer & her @ptokc class. They mean a lot :-) shailetaylor.weebly.com/week-1-2—shel…

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“She (@sfryer) is the type of teacher who impacts children’s lives and will always be remembered by them.” linkis.com/weebly.com/QtU…

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cyndidannerkuhn Free Technology for Teachers: How to Create a Multiple Part Test in Google Forms pinterest.com/pin/7832048099…

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AngelaMaiers YES, you are in charge of your destiny!! my friends! pic.twitter.com/n2EdL2Vz6q

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Officially done editing and publishing the new podcast episode - whew! wfryer.me/3zi This is why apps like @OpinionPod are so gr8!

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@jasonmkern I had forgotten you were the person who asked me to share my podcasting workflow back in 2009 :-) speedofcreativity.org/2009/10/23/how…

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@jasonmkern yes! I actually tweeted my podcasting workflow today for that very reason - I’ll share those in a post soon :-)

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Podcast feed for “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” feeds.feedburner.com/speedofcreativ… has been updated with latest episode pic.twitter.com/0fGIT9shVY

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Logging into Feedburner to verify podcast subscribeable feed link is updated feeds.feedburner.com/speedofcreativ… pic.twitter.com/LwgGcpXsDW

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Now uploading podcast RSS feed XML file to my website with the CPANEL File Manager pic.twitter.com/VpfhIUKbeC

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wmchamberlain was created to ask for comments on student blog posts. If you have a minute, they really appreciate your attention.

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RSS feed (XML podcast text file) updated with FeedForAll for Mac software feedforall.com/feedforall-mac… pic.twitter.com/oarnZZa2d9

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now using FeedForAll for Mac softare to update podcast RSS feed feedforall.com/feedforall-mac…

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new post: Podcast 439: Best Day of Classroom Blogging Ever with Shelly Fryer @sfryer wfryer.me/3zi pic.twitter.com/LjUm0ngV9M

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Finished re-listening to the new 46 minute podcast episode interview with @sfryer & adding all referenced links to the shownotes!

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ptokc Kids in are blogging again! Take a moment to read & comment. Cool things happening with @sfryer’s class.goo.gl/m7uFGl

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jonbecker Deven was one of the earliest and most active educators on Twitter. I’m totally stunned by this news: nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-c…

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Using ImageCodr imagecodr.org to attribute this Flickr @creativecommons image flickr.com/photos/shellyf… by @sfryer on a new post

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ptokc Check out Landon playing a banana piano. In the words of another kid, “This doesn’t seem real!” twitter.com/sfryer/status/…

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Podcast mp3 audio file uploaded to Amazon S3 - now adding links to podcast shownotes for the episode blog post pic.twitter.com/nE276CAPo0

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New podcast normalized & compressed on @auphonic - now uploading final mp3 to Amazon S3, composing episode blog post pic.twitter.com/L52RfvcHFy

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mark_tarello PASS IT ON: If clear, 5 planets will be visible in the southern sky 45 minutes before sunrise next 2 weeks! pic.twitter.com/F7M85ArzEl

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Please read a post & write a comment for @sfryer ‘s @ptokc students on their @KidblogDotOrg site! kidblog.org/class/sfryer15…

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Uploading our podcast to @auphonic auphonic.com now for normalization & compression. Uploading as uncompressed FLAC audio file

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Finished editing podcast in Audacity audacityteam.org now exporting as FLAC to upload to @auphonic for normalization & compression

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iReading: Model 3 will be Tesla Motors’ electric car for the masses j.mp/23AcGye by @Lee_Ars @arstechnica pic.twitter.com/MxX4Hb0yMO

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starting to edit my podcast interview with @sfryer from last night about her great day of student blogging with @KidblogDotOrg

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The White House announces plans to bring computer science to every student nzzl.us/OM1Lftt by @codeorg via @nuzzel @awakenlibrarian

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A dean from MIT is starting a radical new university with no majors, lectures, or classrooms nzzl.us/w4IMaQg via @nuzzel @drvcourt

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Kris’ Convenience Store in Del City, Oklahoma hasn’t been open for business in awhile to update their gas prices pic.twitter.com/atBwNZPjZY

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Kevreadenn The Classroom Is Dead flip.it/RSQuE

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