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February 3rd, 2016

techsavvyteach Used Blab.im with @wfryer tonight for @edtechsr … browser based tool that duplicates a whole studio full of 1980s Meet The Press equipment

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Wow! So impressed with the @blab platform for sharing live webshows! Had a blast with @techsavvyteach tonight on @edtechsr ! Thanks @pgeorge

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The @edtechsr Situation Room goes LIVE in 15 minutes! Join @techsavvyteach & I for 1 hour of dialog& debate! blab.im/edtech-situati…

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sfryer Great day of play! We enjoyed laughing and playing with our friends. @ptokc @wfryer pic.twitter.com/pFnbGy6eAB

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edtechsr Ready for the revolution? The Situation Room goes LIVE in 45 minutes with hosts @techsavvyteach & @wfryer edtechsr.com/live/

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edtechsr If you’re looking for insightful commentary on news & trends, we’ll see you LIVE in 3 hours on @blab edtechsr.com/live/

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About 3 1/2 hours until our second LIVE @edtechsr EdTech Situation Room show on @blab - join us! w/ @techsavvyteach edtechsr.com/live/

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@sfryer Nice photo collage! Did you use Pic Collage?

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@AnnieJacobsen thanks! I am really enjoying your book & feel like I am getting much better educated about Cold War history :-)

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HeartLine @wfryer Thank you for sharing info about HeartLine and how we can help! We would love to be in more schools! twitter.com/wfryer/status/…

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So happy I could dance! Thanks 2 @Cisco @meraki support, we have our school AirPlay Bonjour Gateway working! pic.twitter.com/xwRd54vFTD

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reshanrichards My notes from @globalearner opening talk at pic.twitter.com/bqq4nnusxo

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BonKu I love that the White House has a Senior Advising for Making!
@whitehouseostp pic.twitter.com/YQYSPF8h7R

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