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February 7th, 2016

Oklahoma educator interested in PD opportunities? Join the Facebook group “PD Geek” facebook.com/groups/1509921… by @vperezy @MrsBeck25

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@AmyLoeffelholz this reminds me of your gr8 playground design project: NEXT.cc Nature Play Workshop youtube.com/watch?v=meJSsV… cc @sfryer

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fuglefun View this growing list of lessons smore.com/tgcne-steam-ar… 152 ideas w/ resources, tutorials & examples pic.twitter.com/vP6oRI24Uq

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shout outs to @carolbroos @fuglefun @DoInkTweets & @jonathanwylie in this post on becoming a digital “triple threat” wfryer.me/3zm

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new post: Triple Threat in Tech: A Reflection wfryer.me/3zm (lots of apps for digital music creativity!)

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Inspired by @carolbroos I created a @listly list of iOS musical creation apps! list.ly/list/11Qd-ios-…

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@ChrisParadise @vperezy @TeachFromHere I remember those digital storytelling workshops well!

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gr8 use of an embedded Google Doc on a Google Site to provide Black History research links for Ss by @sfryer classroom.shellyfryer.com/home/research

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How to Manually Upload Photos to Dropbox from iPhone/iPad j.mp/1XcxCXH by @igeeksblog

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Other 4 members of our family used 17.8 GB of cellular data last month, I used an additional 5 w/ ATT: 22.8 GB total pic.twitter.com/D0IVYtlCkM

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NASA We’re saddened by the loss of Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. We salute you: go.nasa.gov/1X9hVk3 pic.twitter.com/hWvvdzZ0Sk

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AnnieJacobsen Rest in Peace, Edgar Mitchell. So glad I got to interview you. twitter.com/NASA/status/69…

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An Earth-based directed energy weapon (DEW) can hit a target on the moon in 2 seconds by @AnnieJacobsen pic.twitter.com/zSzFRx3h5n

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@amyburvall Guess who is on my personalized station on the new YouTube Music app?!

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iReading: 3 gr8 Tools for Teachers to Create & Publish Their Own Apps nzzl.us/7wIEmzq by @medkh9 via @nuzzel @colonelb

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.@brithrailkill12 thanks for sharing your reflection & responses to @sfryer ‘s blog! @ptokc is a gr8 school! briannathrailkill.weebly.com/week-3-reflect…

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cyndidannerkuhn Shelly Fryer’s website and immediately fell in love with the passion this woman has for education @sfryer, ln.is/weebly.com/ZZk…

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@mal_schnee Mallory I’m so glad to hear you using the phrase “window into student learning!” linkis.com/weebly.com/a8L…

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@mrider16 thanks for sharing your reflection on my website :-) linkis.com/mrider16.weebl…

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@taylorringlis Thanks for sharing the reflection on my “Moonshot Thinking” post! linkis.com/taylorri.weebl…

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@amazingict yes of course! Please link to any of my websites :-)

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@ms_dundas thanks for sharing your reflection :-) Be sure to also check out my website “Show With Media” showwithmedia.com

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edtechsr Added to this week’s discussion links: Microsoft’s SwiftKey Buy Is About AI, Not Just Software Keyboards recode.net/2016/02/02/mic…

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WeAreTeachers How Videogames Like Minecraft Actually Help Kids Learn to Read bit.ly/1HCtcq5 via @wiredclassroom pic.twitter.com/H8x1sEsDV5

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mauilibrarian2 FAB: in : Wood Shop Enters the Age of High-Tech @jswatz @nytimes ow.ly/Y2oTK “exploratory safe place”

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@edutech20 me too! I seriously think @sfryer & I may get one before - @jjash has so much fun with her Polaroid at tech conferences

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JofeeTremain OAP staff, students & families, what do U believe is important to me regarding our campus? @OAPetersonElem pic.twitter.com/3Mn04XOfOc

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@JofeeTremain @OAPetersonElem we have some at school but it’s hard to use with BYOD… challenging to get kids to download apps in advance

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iReading: Chart Featuring Over 33 Educational Apps & Tools for Digital Storytelling flip.it/YXcFh by @medkh9 via @MrsBeck25

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iReading: Bell Helmets 360 Degree Video Capture Camera Unveiled j.mp/1XbhxBJ

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