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February 28th, 2016

Excited to start the website for the “Inside & Outside Sharing” book project w @sfryer using CommentPress wordpress.org/plugins/commen…

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new post: Backyard Astronomy Laser and iPhone App wfryer.me/3zx cc @RachfMC @sfryer @sarahefryer0202 @Legoarf

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gr8 anti-bullying [VIDEO] ad by Google’s Android Team: “Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors” youtube.com/watch?v=UYxpX3…

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James409Jason These comments from @SpkrHickmanOK sums up the lunacy is facing at the Capitol. pic.twitter.com/FnE5rkFFdN

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@James409Jason just saw you on TV during the Oscars in the preview for the upcoming @koconews news…

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[PODCAST] Being Black In The Tech Industry by @NPRTechTeam cc @sfryer pca.st/Ek58

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good [PODCAST] interview: Lawyer For Apple: ‘What In The Law Requires Us To Redesign The iPhone?’ by @NPRTechTeam pca.st/xLLf

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@sfryer gr8 [PODCAST] to share w your Ss: Google Cultural Institute Shines Spotlight On History Of Black Radio pca.st/CnUt

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[PODCAST] Mormon Tabernacle Choir Grows (Virtually) By Crowdsourcing Public Recordings by @NPRTechTeam pca.st/r67d

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[PODCAST] ‘Body Hacking’ Movement Rises Ahead Of Moral Answers by @NPRTechTeam pca.st/UtVG

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[PODCAST] What’s So Revolutionary About Amazon’s ‘Echo’? by @NPRTechTeam pca.st/ZM8Y

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ViolonC Sooo… @YouTube is blocking my own track in my own country! Great job everybody! pic.twitter.com/D0RC5CVLPd

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iReading: Apple said to unveil smaller iPhone, iPad models on March 21st by @jonfingas @engadget engadget.com/2016/02/28/app…

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iReading: Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump by @nytimes nytimes.com/2016/02/28/us/…

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iReading: Monarch Butterfly Migration Rebounds, Easing Some Fears nzzl.us/phYEwty by @nytimes via @nuzzel

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@DrStevenGreer did you see this recent post by @BillGates ? twitter.com/BillGates/stat… Perhaps you should both meet soon?!

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BillGates Nothing would improve the lives of the poorest more than access to energy: b-gat.es/1Q9W61k pic.twitter.com/Bl0kkcL0Jt

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@topgold @audioBoom no, not yet! Still hoping to get some tips or advice…

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eyesrightblog “Your life speaks! What is it saying to others?” - Jen Howat @fpcedmond @eco_pres

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