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March 19th, 2016

@TheSciJoy @EdGamer not sure what exactly happened to the EdReach Podcast Network. @drezac knows tho. Any posts on that, Dan?

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postgreen The vast, shrinking northern glaciers that we never even talk about wpo.st/MkBN1 pic.twitter.com/xMeLstf5T5

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I think it’s a sign of cultural withdrawal pains… I’m longing for more Brazilian Picanha tonight in pic.twitter.com/S1742HL1bW

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Brainstorming tweaks with @sfryer to our @STEMseeds Institite schedule for June in

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@FOXTV this leads to a maddening series of repeated advertisements. Makes me want to never watch your app again :-(

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Dear @FOXTV: Your app is incredibly frustrating to use. Watching the & pausing, then needing to RW to a scene doesn’t work

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“By 2011 US Army had intrusively mapped ‘human terrain’ of 3.7 million Iraqis & Afghani’s” via @AnnieJacobsen pic.twitter.com/5v6cDgjR4f

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Fascinating ethical case study & controversy: US military “Human Terrain System” via @AnnieJacobsen (ended in 2015) insidehighered.com/news/2015/07/0…

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By the late 2000’s approximately 25% of all Iraqi males had been subjected to US military bio info/intel gathering pic.twitter.com/Xvy7b2qk82

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@rmbyrne you might add a comment about YouTube Red on this post where you mention TOS. YouTube Red permits downloads freetech4teachers.com/2016/03/3-tips…

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iReading: 3 Tips for Using YouTube Videos In Your Classroom by @rmbyrne freetech4teachers.com/2016/03/3-tips…

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TechCoachZ AirPlay Mirroring for Chromebooks with AirParrot by @wfryer buff.ly/1nXFM9N pic.twitter.com/EmXZARgPb2

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new post: AirPlay Mirroring for Chromebooks w AirParrot wfryer.me/402 h/t @jack_kriss @GradedBR pic.twitter.com/JWXWuhlayQ

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@kennethdward hopefully higher speed connections are headed your way soon. AT&T is working on 5G now… cable modems can provide that speed!

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iReading: Getting Proper Permission for Posting Student Pictures Online nzzl.us/o5DPgzL by @gcouros via @nuzzel @kcalderw

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Siri + Apple Music really is amazing. It’s still so novel to be able say [ARTIST NAME] + Shuffle, & then listen to any of their songs!

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