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April 4th, 2016

@ShameemaParv here’s a Psychology Today article on screen time that isn’t just kid-specific psychologytoday.com/blog/mental-we…

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gpcobb1_cobb OKC Thunder Overnight | Science Museum Oklahoma sciencemuseumok.org/content/okc-th…

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iReading: Combining Creativity & Skills Through Video Game Design nzzl.us/4sQuKsU by @CooneyCenter via @nuzzel @atkauffman

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@mrchappotin we would love to have you come to @STEMseeds camp this year! :-) Thanks for the RT!

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.@MrsHime details & registration for the June 6-9 @STEMseeds PD camp “Mission to Mars” are on camp.stemseeds.org/home/june2016

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iReading: Meet NCAM, the researchers helping NASA go “to the Moon, to Mars, and beyond” j.mp/1W77C1f in @arstechnica

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iReading: Hands-on with HoloLens: On the cusp of a revolution j.mp/201tbAz by @DrPizza @arstechnica pic.twitter.com/5kN6dhdjfX

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iReading: A spiritual successor to Aaron Swartz is angering publishers all over again j.mp/201sSWl by @dmkravets @arstechnica

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thedivorg Find out how you can teach kids to code at our free training led by @wfryer! eventbrite.com/e/the-div-scra… pic.twitter.com/1VhWmDImMB

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spencerideas Quit Wearing Busy Like a Badge of Honor youtu.be/l6y3KCuyfzI

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MsMeganMellring Check out my post about video assessments for more information on @zaption, @EDpuzzle, and @playposit.

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cyndidannerkuhn 5 Minute Snapchat 101 Tutorial by Wes Fryer and his son Alex. ln.is/cdk.posthaven.… @wfryer,

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80% of industry interviews now look at student LinkedIn profiles via Lisa Kastor @WoosterEdu wooster.edu/bios/lkastor/ pic.twitter.com/2U8Zu1HK6T

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@vperezy @mrsveldhuizen @JMaxey1 not sure, looks like a warmer of some kind…

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Now in @WoosterEdu parent session on APEX: Advising, Planning, & Experiential Learning wooster.edu/academics/apex/ pic.twitter.com/uifPc6YWDH

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iReading: Why we need laptops in classrooms nzzl.us/BmBWGtc via @nuzzel @malynmawby (powerful Australian student essay)

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“What Parents Want to Know” panel this morning @WoosterEdu pic.twitter.com/HB4WAMhbQJ

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Alex getting info on biochem & chemistry from @WoosterEdu faculty this morning :-) pic.twitter.com/TPZ8akCPn6

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MegGriffith5 A9: has motivated me to fight the good fight, not just in my classroom, but out in my community. goodnight

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sfryer I have been using @Stitcher to find kid friendly podcasts for my Ss twitter.com/jonathanwylie/…

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BuistBunch Teachers, are you new to @Snapchat? Check out this tutorial from @wfryer via his son. youtu.be/gpxYKkrFjro

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