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May 4th, 2016

edtechsr Episode 10 show [PODCAST] & archived [VIDEO] @techsavvyteach & @wfryer… talking news

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Updated my profile “Video = pencil of the 21st century. What do you want to create today?”

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I updated the photo on my profile page:

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rmbyrne How to Use the New Q&A and Laser Pointer Features of Google Slides @googledocs via Free Technology …

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Very happy with how the iRig HD mic… from @ikmultimedia worked in tonight’s @edtechsr webshow on @blab!

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Discussion links are updated from tonight’s @edtechsr webshow & podcast! @blab

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iReading: Talk with your audience - not at them -with Slides Q&A by @GoogleForEdu

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We’re 20 minutes in to tonight’s LIVE WEBCAST on @edtechsr with @techsavvyteach! Please join us!

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edtechsr 7 minutes until the highlight of your week begins, join @techsavvyteach & @wfryer LIVE on @blab

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garrison_todd @wfryer we’ve gone from finding ways to do what’s best for kids to finding ways to keep the doors open.

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At next @OKCPS board meeting they will vote on whether to make “Financial Literacy” a new course requirement for ALL district Ss.

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Thank you @QuailCreekBank for continuing to fund Financial Literacy requirements at @OKCPS

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Right now PE classes at @OKCPS have 97 students. With funding cuts they will be getting bigger still

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It is both sobering & terrifying to realize there is another huge wave of school funding cuts coming. We are living in tragic times

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At @OKCPS now hearing principal Ashley Davis discuss teacher position cuts for next year

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TheJenCarey Bill Gross says tech change will kill jobs, force ‘basic income’ and central banks will finance it via @WSJ

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deborahgist “It is great to be at Disney with a great bunch of teachers!” -Disney ES Principal

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MrsSearcy112 My theoretical perspective is grounded by the idea that learning (and teaching) is a continual and recursive process.

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MrRogersTech Google Apps “GAFE Smashing” activities — Part 2: Digital

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iReading: Bill Gross - What to Do After the Robots Take Our Jobs by @WSJ via @TeacherJenCarey…

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@TeacherJenCarey @WSJ reminds me of @AlecJRoss discussing robotics in his book “Industries of the Future” :-( Thanks for sharing the link

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I shared these Smartboard @SMART_Tech lesson resources & tutorials… with @ptokc teachers today cc @sfryer

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[VIDEO] How to Create a Basic Tessellation Art Project in Hopscotch for iPad (May 2016) cc @sfryer

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