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June 8th, 2016

edtechsr new show: EdTech Situation Room Episode 13 edtechsr.com/2016/06/08/edt… with @techsavvyteach & @wfryer pic.twitter.com/gu6VlO6W5x

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tonyvincent 🔳 My favorite free QR code scanning and creating tools..1apic.twitter.com/klyNzDup1b1b

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@MrRainie Here’s a post for you showing how this is configured / setup: wfryer.me/40q

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shout out to @DTWillingham on tonight’s @edtechsr show by @techsavvyteach for “Why Don’t Students Like School?” amazon.com/Why-Dont-Stude…

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Experience the JOY of interacting w/ educators in Montana & Oklahoma pontificating on EDU implications of tech news! edtechsr.com/live/

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edtechsr Please join @techsavvyteach & @wfryer LIVE on @blab in 25 minutes for educational analysis of this week’s tech news! edtechsr.com/live/

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Google’s New Smart Lock Is the Password Manager for the Rest of Us (from 2015) in @lifehacker lifehacker.com/googles-new-sm…

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Why Complex Password Requirements Don’t Necessarily Make You Safer by @lifehacker via @techsavvyteach lifehacker.com/why-complex-pa…

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Very excited we were able to configure our student chromebooks in GAFE to log off automatically when they are closed!

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I added this week’s sketches of “inside and outside sharing” created with @sfryer to the website we’ve started insideoutside.digitalsharing.org

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iReading: Verizon Bidding $3 Billion for Yahoo Assets, WSJ Reports by @business bloomberg.com/news/articles/…

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iReading: Yahoo Targets Teens on Kik Chat App with Trio of New Bots by @DigitalTrends digitaltrends.com/mobile/yahoo-b…

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I’m looking forward to a webinar next week by @Gaggle_K12 gaggle.net/overview/safet… on “Safety Management for Google Apps”

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eyesrightblog “Compassion… seeks truth in all its complexity”

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iReading: Seeing the end of Obama’s space doctrine, a bipartisan Congress moves in j.mp/1UyyrGL by @arstechnica

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iReading: Google’s AlphaGo AI will play against humanity’s best Go player j.mp/25Lbvjh by @arstechnica pic.twitter.com/rsxl1ZJ32w

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iReading: TeamViewer confirms number of abused user accounts is “significant” j.mp/1t7woU5 by @arstechnica

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