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June 15th, 2016

tulsaworld Oklahoma public schools being shorted $16.3M more in final month of fiscal year

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$3 iOS app: Friend Check - Ultimate social network manager via @CommittedShow

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gr8 question: “Am I over-indulging in info that does not meaningfully contribute to my life?” via @NoteToSelf

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“only about half of info we take in daily is meaningfully stored or used” by Dimitrios Tsivrikos on @NoteToSelf

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sarahcruddas Everyone should watch Moonshot, about @glxp and be inspired by the new space future.…

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gr8 question on @NoteToSelf [PODCAST]: How can we be healthy news consumers today?

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MaryWoodard .@wfryer believes this about librarians. Do we believe it about ourselves?…

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Listening to @NoteToSelf [PODCAST] What Happens When We Skimm the News? w @theskimm co-founders

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