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July 12th, 2016

Libroantiguo Henry David Thoreau, American author, poet, philosopher, naturalist, and historian, was born on this day in 1817. pic.twitter.com/fLeoqcHF9c

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AnnieJacobsen @Justin_Ling This is video is frightening. twitter.com/n9viv/status/7…

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Libroantiguo Book attached to their bookcase by a chain. It was usual from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.
đź“·Rosefirerising pic.twitter.com/TMGB6HVqsV

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iReading: Watchworthy Wednesday: The Minecraft Effect by @mizuko @DMLResearchHub dmlcentral.net/watchworthy-we…

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iReading: Why Minecraft Rewrites the Playbook for Learning by @mizuko boingboing.net/2015/06/06/why…

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EduWells No lessons?
No Classrooms?
How is reimagining

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iPadMediaCamp Added “Photo Collage” docs.google.com/drawings/d/1bg… to iPad Media Camp Activity & Project Matrix pic.twitter.com/lprQqCVKrI

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Apple’s Swift Playgrounds can help you learn to code, but it’s no HyperCard j.mp/29NYqjx by @adambanksdotcom @arstechnica

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SomaliaNewsroom Dropped UAV in Mog looks similar to U.S. Air Force prototype freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2… @adancabdulle @MahamudBille pic.twitter.com/77xDTuiFZV

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adancabdulle An unusual looking drone resembling a bird that crashed in Mogadishu’s Waabari district yesterday. Cc @MahamudBille pic.twitter.com/wTxjzs5Cnl

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Insightful comparisons by @AnnieJacobsen: James Angleton’s “wilderness of mirrors” & name changes for Dept of Energy pic.twitter.com/SpZdg0NY81

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“Name change of Atomic Energy Comm to Dept of Energy conceals fact it produced 70,000 atomic bombs” @AnnieJacobsen pic.twitter.com/sAZ7Vm8aZp

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longform An interview with Dallas Police Chief David O. Brown: long.fm/ZZY3iBB (@Dallas_Observer, Feb ’16) pic.twitter.com/1GtGTdZgnc

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iReading: On the Record with Dallas Chief of Police David Brown j.mp/2a7oQZz by @Dallas_Observer via @longform @annasale (Feb 16)

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Subscribed to [PODCAST] @SurprisingShow Surprisingly Awesome: Revealing the hidden awesomeness in everyday things gimletmedia.com/show/surprisin…

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mikerugnetta Really, so far PokeGo has changed / inspired public interactions w strangers in a way very similar to having a dog does.

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@KCarman security settings for Google. They were patched today, however iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/16/07…

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iReading: Update fixes ‘Pokemon Go’ Google account permissions issue by @appleinsider iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/16/07…

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iPadpalooza Wes & Shelly Fryer’s Mini Keynote on “Outside Sharing” @wfryer @sfryer youtube.com/watch?v=Vl2g0E… ipadpalooza.com

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Glad to have iTunes “Family Sharing” setup so I could decline my daughter’s request (for now) to install Pokemon Go pic.twitter.com/BvFTOi5WNc

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NASA ….auroras! What else? Follo@NASAJunono, which arrived on July 4go.nasa.gov/29Kp62Kopic.twitter.com/JRFONljpJ8J8

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iReading: The Next Generation of Solar Panels by @ENERGY cc @Legoarf energy.gov/articles/next-…

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campSTEM Using Skittles to demonstrate diffusion is a simple and effective experiment produces spectacular results. pic.twitter.com/fe0wqRXMkq

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cool webinar on Wed Jul 13: Telepresence Robots for Classroom Access with Zoom on Kubi revolverobotics.zoom.us/webinar/regist… via @marcimpowell

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@OGandE Brief power outage today about 10:40 am in the Quail Creek neighborhood of OKC. Came back on soon tho. Isolated incident?

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iReading: iOS version of Pokémon Go is a possible privacy trainwreck [Updated] by @arstechnica via @EdTechSandyK arstechnica.com/gaming/2016/07…

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ScratchEdTeam We’re crowd-sourcing a list of cross-curricular Scratch projects. Add your suggestions here: bit.ly/scratchacrosst… pic.twitter.com/jgu2cqModb

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How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom nzzl.us/TwTOEga by @Kschwart via @cbartow s/o @ELanghorst

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ericcurts Just enjoyed great Wired Educator podcast episode by @kellycroy w/ @wfryer wirededucator.com/wep-0045-movin…

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@techsavvyteach no not yet- appears the privacy settings & permissions need to change first…

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