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July 20th, 2016

storychasers Check out the agenda & curriculum for the 3 day @iPadMediaCamp led by @MrsBeck25 & @sfryer this wk!…

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iReading: Musk: Tesla to become a sustainable energy company by @MeganGeuss @arstechnica

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edtechsr Have you subscribed to our amazing podcast & webshow yet? We love the free podcastcatcher app @pocketcasts :-)

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@Ron_Clark_1976 we should work to bring the ethics of civility, principle, & compromise into our political mainstream

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iReading: Are We Smart Enough To Understand What Technology Is Doing To Us? by @AlexBalk @Awl…

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edtechsr No @edtechsr show tonight but @techsavvyteach & @wfryer will be back next week on Wednesday night with a show you won’t want to miss!

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@Ron_Clark_1976 and then there’s the fact that he’s an outspoken racist, which should disqualify him for any elective office in our country

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@Ron_Clark_1976 when someone’s biographer, who knows the person well, states unequivocally “he has no attention span” that’s a HUGE problem

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@Ron_Clark_1976 Trump has no political experience as an executive, and would be a complete foreign relations disaster

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@Ron_Clark_1976 I don’t think Hillary is honest or has integrity, but I view Trump as more dangerous b/c he might lead us into a massive war

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@Ron_Clark_1976 I agree both our choices this year are bad

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jonathanwylie Twitter’s letting anyone apply to become verified

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ProfeSteiner EdCamps Rock!! Checkout @edcampGlobal July 29-30 It’s a 24 Online Worldwide EdCamp. @teawithbvp…

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KimberBlodgett Okay who wants to help me organize my classroom?! 😔😔 switching to self contained means more subjects. More organization.

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iReading: Teachers are thanking Melania Trump by @BBCNews via @nuzzel @tracyrenee70 (plagiarism case study)

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@RobbinSimons no worries :-) Hope to visit with you in Nov 2017 in person when comes to town again!

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audible_com What are the last three audiobooks you finished?…

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