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August 2nd, 2016

RichardGarriott .@FiveThirtyEight Has a phenomenal prediction record in past elections: projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-…

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ABC NY governor directs authorities to prevent registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go. abcn.ws/2aYpmcA pic.twitter.com/aISM1jtPbG

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iReading: Brain scans reveal how the human mind solves mathematics problems by @businessinsider businessinsider.com/how-brains-sol…

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@bcrosby Same issue here… but thankfully in OKC @ATT @verizon & @TMobile have good coverage. Thankful to have several viable choices

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storychasers new post: Successful iPad Media Workshop in Maryetta storychasers.org/2016/08/02/suc… pic.twitter.com/511QJqw7KP

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sfryer Teachers for 30+ years. I owe my passion to my parents. @CuriosityStream @mhammerstrom pic.twitter.com/db4sW8JWq1

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“Martin Luther King gave the I HAVE A DREAM speech not the I HAVE A PLAN speech” @simonsinek (inspiration matters!)

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“What you do proves what you believe” by @simonsinek

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“people don’t buy [or pay attention to] WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it” by @simonsinek youtube.com/watch?v=sioZd3…

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[APP] Scrivener by Literature & Latte for iOS via @CommittedShow (gr8 software for writers) appsto.re/us/jqx95.i

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@TMobile indeed the force is extremely powerful on with the ! I feel my Jedi powers growing stronger already!

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Goodbye @ATT Data overage charges & messages! Hello again, @TMobile. I love your service plans! You rock! pic.twitter.com/aaahHMsRUp

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Woo hoo! Ported iPhone6 back from @ATT to @TMobile again! Sick of data overage charges. Ready for 10 GB per month! pic.twitter.com/n6B86Vo8DR

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iReading: Seymour Papert, 88, Dies; Saw Education’s Future in Computers nzzl.us/05wMY8f in @nytimes via @nuzzel @dgende

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pbsteachers We’ve heard of sidewalk chalk art; how about sidewalk ICE CUBE art? Show kids how to do it w/@PeepChirpQuack: to.pbs.org/1XMHIT2

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Our Technology Department offices have new building signs on our outside doors @casadyschoolokc :-) pic.twitter.com/aFTTyqjvIg

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gr8 workshop w learning resource specialists! Excited we’re getting all student academic plans (IEPs) securely shared digitally w/ teachers

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Using @airserver for Windows airserver.com/Download in a PC lab this morning to mirror my Mac laptop to the projector via AirPlay

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DavidGeurin The 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship via @sylviaduckworth pic.twitter.com/frtzB8ivsX

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MelissaSWCenter “Engagement is the pathway to ACHIEVEMENT!” @PedroANoguera pic.twitter.com/GOq5QMHZJI

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iReading: How to Become and Remain a Transformational Teacher j.mp/2aN1xZq by @spinedu in @edutopia via @CS_HeadofSchool

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ScottSpurgeon1 Stop focusing on achievement and get kids excited about “learning?”

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MOEducation The future of the country will be determined by what happens in our schools. Be the leader your community deserves! @PedroANoguera

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rmbyrne Running Reality - Mapping the Rise and Fall of Nations ow.ly/D9Id302P5rR

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@rmbyrne @jburg @crewsertech Besides Google MyMaps & Google Earth, any other fav GeoMap tools for overlaying a JPG image & dropping pins?

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EduInChat Just a day left to explore the School of Tomorrow and learning skills with @XSEEDEducation and meet EduLeaders here. Join - August 3, 5.30pm

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XSEEDEducation Great forum to speak about the “Ed” in “ @wfryer @informed_edu @web20classroom @willrich45 twitter.com/XSEEDEducation…

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I updated the “Green Screen Video” page of Show With Media showwithmedia.com/green/ pic.twitter.com/XrR5hZj97t

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