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August 23rd, 2016

oueducation I know this is thinking about @iPadpaloozaOU this weekend. Register:

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I’ll be sharing a mini-keynote Saturday @iPadpaloozaOU on “Inside & Outside Sharing”

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derekwillis This, more than coding, is what journalism schools should emphasize in every single class.…

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Check out the schedule of sessions for @iPadpaloozaOU this Fri & Sat in Norman!

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reconfigured one of our Windows 2012 servers at school running IIS to fix an “unauthorized access” error

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Listening to @WiredEducator [PODCAST] Reflection on the ADE 2016 Global Institute in Berlin, Germany…

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@globalearner @eric_mazur But T videos CAN require S interaction! @BlackDogOKC is flipping class w vids & @playposit

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I enjoyed listening to this @EdSurge [PODCAST] interview with @globalearner Alan November…

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I enjoyed this @StarTalkRadio [PODCAST] about “The Multiverse” (Origins & nature of the universe)…

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“The real cost of surveillance = our inner lives become impoverished” by @walterkirn via @NoteToSelf @manoushz…

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BrainRulesBooks Regions of the brain develop at different rates in different people. Our school system ignores that every brain is wired differently.

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“Exercise is key to high levels of executive brain function” by @BrainRulesBooks via @coolcatteacher cc @sfryer…

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@alicekeeler @ShakeUpLearning I’ll share a blog post soon about my recent @fiverr outsourcing experiences :-)

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iReading: 3 Ways to Teach the Way the Brain Wants to Learn by @coolcatteacher via @nuzzel…

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