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September 7th, 2016

Thanks to the 125 new followers from USA, India, Brazil, and more last week. See tweepsmap.com/!wfryer pic.twitter.com/Z9xvPY5uOg

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If you missed @techsavvyteach & I on @edtechsr discussing today’s you can download the podcast! edtechsr.com/2016/09/07/edt…

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@techsavvyteach This is really weird - somehow our @edtechsr YouTube channel tweeted in Ukrainian tonight!?! pic.twitter.com/JiSxFWpOvG

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edtechsr Download Audio & Video of Episode 21 - Discussing all things from today’s edtechsr.com/2016/09/07/edt… pic.twitter.com/CDdY9air4u

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edtechsr Join @techsavvyteach & @wfryer LIVE in 25 minutes for this week’s show as we recap today’s & more thru an educational lens!

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@vperezy my Jedi karma has been relatively good this year with AV support stuff, so hopefully that continues… :-)

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I just ordered “Beautiful Oops!” amazon.com/dp/076115728X/… by @BSaltzberg h/t @seeingnewshapes (I know @sfryer is going to LOVE it!)

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Thanks @seeingnewshapes for sharing wonderful children’s board book “Beautiful Oops!” amazon.com/dp/076115728X/… w me! pic.twitter.com/nbxkLESQ7l

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1st time I’ve seen a kid charge his shoes at a power charging station! @PennSquareMall pic.twitter.com/5rJ3Cj5VKS

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One thing the @MicrosoftStore does really well is awesome digital signage! @PennSquareMall pic.twitter.com/bwP4GcE5Hh

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whitney_wilkey This week I have reviewed iPadalooza founder, author and an advocate for tech in the classroom, @mrhooker! whitneywilkey.weebly.com/week-3.html

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savvi96 Check out my Week 2 Review of @sfryer for

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I love it when I am providing AV support for an evening school parent event & everything works perfectly!

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BrendaBass63 Children’s books as philosophical texts? Super interesting read! ln.is/T9iFK by @AngelaMaiers via @c0nvey

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@meraki Do you offer any webinars which help IT staff understand what to do with identified “packet floods” using Air Marshall?

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@mrnesi @Apple is still innovative - I haven’t found anything else as good as AirPlay 4 wireless display mirroring

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Great news: Susan Prescott at announces “real time collaboration” in all iWork application (like Google Docs!) @AppleEducation_

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iclabs Whoa, 140 billion apps have been downloaded from the app store

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brainpicker “When you can’t create you can work.” Henry Miller’s 11 commandments of writing and his daily creative routine brainpickings.org/2012/02/22/hen…

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Matthew_YT Seems like we might be getting a new today at as they have taken down the buy page. pic.twitter.com/IwervXGk6Z

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Apple Today’s the day.
Watch the event on apple.co/live pic.twitter.com/ZxBGMR49wY

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iReading: Apple TV ‘Events’ channel returns for Sept. 7 ‘iPhone 7’ event by @appleinsider iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/16/09…

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shareski In 2008 @wmchamberlain had a camera on his classroom the entire day and broadcasted it for the world. ideasandthoughts.org/podcasts/podca…

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