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September 8th, 2016

Our son created this website w YouTube video tutorials about creating string figures when he was 10 stringandme.speedofcreativity.org @sfryer

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OKCPS Looking for your next job? Check out our vacancies at okcps.org/careers - Apply today & join pic.twitter.com/vOOEgCi1X7

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WestCardinalamy Both of the teachers that “shaped” him were 5th gr. teachers! What a motivator for me, as a 5th gr teacher! twitter.com/joy4ok/status/…

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I updated the YouTube monetization settings for these 2008 string figure videos youtube.com/playlist?list=… by @Legoarf pic.twitter.com/x8vwkxEwXf

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String and Me: The website I helped our son create in 2008 when he was into making string figures stringandme.speedofcreativity.org cc @sfryer

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A Bluetooth speaker with almost 9000 reviews & 4.5 out of 5 average star ratings has to be amazing, right?! j.mp/2cblFQF

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iReading: EarthQuakes! A season of ignorances No more! j.mp/2chR9rg by @marvelsagentedu

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iReading: Oklahoma Earthquake’s Magnitude Raised to 5.8 by @WSJ wsj.com/articles/oklah…

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“If we’re going to actually solve a problem, then our most important role is as a leader, vision setter & convener” via Twitter for iPhone

nytimes Obama on climate change: The trends are “terrifying” nyti.ms/2cxfRlc pic.twitter.com/Zc551ae6K4

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Today is a great day to start listening to the Situation Room podcast! @edtechsr - Ep 21 about edtechsr.com/2016/09/07/edt…

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alehandro_29 @TMobile @JohnLegere spoils me I swear. Unlimited data until 2019 pic.twitter.com/gU6mv0m43M

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Amazing: @TMobile just upgraded our daughter’s line to unlimited data for FREE through February 2019 pic.twitter.com/Vn0OXByT9r

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I pulled off a live iPhone demo using our school website to do a student directory search at tonight’s K parent meeting.

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EFF Those tiny wireless earbuds aren’t the only thing that just became easier to lose. So did users’ freedoms. eff.org/deeplinks/2016…

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BenedictEvans -Apple closed the analogue hole!
There’s a dongle
-They could disable it!
They could disable the existing jack too twitter.com/EFF/status/773…

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@MicrosoftStore buying a wireless display adapter to use in one of our school conference rooms :-)

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techsavvyteach Apple doubles iPad storage, drops Pro pricing buff.ly/2c9uM4u @wfryer … shadow iPad changes… also, Air 2 is two years old??!

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Audio [PODCAST] feed for @edtechsr is updated! feeds.feedburner.com/edtechsr A weekly dose of education analysis with @techsavvyteach!

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SubEthaEdit is in active development! codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/ Hopefully collaborative iWork document editing will be this good!

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“SubEthaEdit” was circa-2004 Mac software program for chat & collaborative document editing en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SubEthaEd… cc @techsavvyteach

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What was the name of the circa-2004 Mac software program for backchannel chats that used Bonjour & gave every participant their own color?

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techsavvyteach A Better Method for Embedding YouTube Videos on your Website buff.ly/2cBtc0t

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