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September 15th, 2016

iReading: FBI director says tape is the best way to defeat webcam hacks… by @dmkravets @arstechnica

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thepacketrat Teenager uncovers route to free Web surfing on T-Mobile network…

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Brings back flashbacks: Air Force video: F-16 pilot saved by automatic collision avoidance system… by @thepacketrat

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[PODCAST] @bbcworldservice Documentaries: Blind Man Roams the Globe: Nairobi…

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New recipe tonight: Scalloped Zucchini And Yellow Squash by @fooddotcom…

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I like the new iOS 10 feature in Music to view song lyrics!
“It’s My Life” by Talk Talk…

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I’m enjoying media critique & ideas on shared experiences by @rushkoff @teamhumanshow (reminds me of Neil Postman)…

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Learning about Amazon’s “Mechanical Turk” labor service by @rushkoff on @teamhumanshow…

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OU_mariorosas @wfryer iScore is good, I’ve moved to @GCsports for a more modern web experience. Also adds team management tools! Parents/Payers love it.

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ladurantaye Publishers can schedule live video on FB within the next month. It’ll be a TV station, basically.

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mariekshan Facebook direct challenge to YouTube: It’s creating dedicated NewsFeed tab to browse video when you feel like watching video

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Hermida Don’t expect to hire human editors. @fidjissimo says it is relying on algorithms to scale

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Our school athletics department is going to start using “iScore Football Scorekeeper for iPad”…

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@oldgrizzlybear it’s Oklahoma City 5 minutes from our house & our school! :-)

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According to Snapchat my son is my best friend

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Check out my conversation with @techsavvyteach on @edtechsr about Nicholas Kardaras’ recent @TIME article!

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Last night’s @edtechsr podcast Ep22 moves the show up in my @pocketcasts subscriptions!…

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iReading: Stages of Technology Integration in Classrooms (Part 3) by @CubanLarry

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