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September 28th, 2016

Thanks to the 122 new followers from USA, Australia, and more last week. See tweepsmap.com/!wfryer pic.twitter.com/tj0JDFGGd0

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@glovely I’ve had bad luck with cheap tripods so I favor a $50 Sunpak model from @BestBuy bestbuy.com/site/sunpak-pl…

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@edtechsr @techsavvyteach @martinhorejsi it was good to see the show from the audience perspective. Audio and video quality was excellent.

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@techsavvyteach @martinhorejsi Great job on the @edtechsr show tonight! I caught most of it live. Really enjoyed the learning spaces convo!

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“Media creation is an amplified trend in today” by @martinhorejsi citing on @edtechsr youtube.com/watch?v=S_NFC8…

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“Current Montana gubinatorial candidate is proposing be treated like a foreign language” by @techsavvyteach youtube.com/watch?v=S_NFC8…

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“A lot of computing seems like absolute magic to people - getting some knowledge can dymystify this” by @martinhorejsi on @edtechsr

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I can’t join @edtechsr tonight but am watching LIVE - join us! youtube.com/watch?v=S_NFC8… with @techsavvyteach & @martinhorejsi

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edtechsr Going live in now! Join the chat room! youtu.be/S_NFC8279e8

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edtechsr @wfryer is out on assignment tonight so the EdTech Situation Room will have a surprise guest co-host! See him at the top of the hour!

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@BenjaminHarwood your twitter header image is pretty interesting. What’s the backstory?

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acroom I just published “Openness without penalty.” My talk from Middlebury College medium.com/@acroom/openne…

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ReutersIndia U.S. Senate overwhelmingly rejects Obama veto of Saudi Sept. 11 bill reut.rs/2dfwxiC pic.twitter.com/aByqFuEQHd

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@BenjaminHarwood yes, we still need to use a few of them. Have built-in projectors in more meeting spaces, but not all!

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shout out to @mres & the powerful pedagogies of @MIT @medialab Lifelong Kindergarten group by @sfryer twitter.com/sfryer/status/…

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Google Scholar indexed a 2005 @TCEA TechEdge article I wrote on podcasting from my publications archive!..twitter.com/i/web/status/7…YB

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Glad to finally trade duct tape for gaffer tape to secure multimedia projector cart cables. h/t @amazon pic.twitter.com/MqV9S6hu9n

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ardaughty Ask your students their interpretation of the picture, then discuss.
It’s Marion Anderson! pic.twitter.com/a5b61aTkrC

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ardaughty Do you want to do PBL but are somewhat unfamiliar, ? Let’s process it together at , Oct. 4th &5th! pic.twitter.com/WNHnMxmpa4

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ota_oktech The @ISTEMLN Sept Newsletter is now available! docs.google.com/document/d/1ba…@wellssusanu@EdTechCaitlintEMLN @markjonesphdslaEd

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writing prompt 4 Ss: Which Mars launch window would B best 4U? via @Isaac_A_Arthur youtu.be/3-3DjxhGaUg pic.twitter.com/TLBueg6fEg

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gr8 30 min [VIDEO] on “Asteroid Mining” by @Isaac_A_Arthur youtu.be/3-3DjxhGaUg cc @Legoarf via @DanDavisWrites @RichardGarriott

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DanDavisWrites Asteroid Mining, the economics:
Space fans read a lot about this but here are some actual numbers.

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