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November 26th, 2016

“Our country is susceptible to some of our worst instincts when the message is packaged…”…

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washingtonpost The white flight of Derek Black, a former heir to the racial nationalist movement

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iReading: Why I Left White Nationalism by R. Derek Black via @Richard_Florida via Twitter for iPhone

iReading: Man recovers working iPhone 4 from bottom of Pennsylvania lake by @appleinsider (go @OtterBox!)…

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@barbarawmadden you will love it! Here is a 7.5 minute video our girls made 6 years ago about that recipe…

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iReading: See the Historic Maps Declassified by the CIA by @NatGeo

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Again referring to this wonderful 2007 recipe and post: Sausage Balls: The Culinary Delight of the Holiday Season…

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Astro_DavidS Did you know dogs flew to space before people?

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[PODCAST]: In An Automated Car Economy, Who Will Lose? by @NPRTechTeam…

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NPR Topics: Technology Podcast: New Rule Requires Quiet Electric, Hybrid Cars To Emit Sound Alerts by @NPRTechTeam…

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