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November 28th, 2016

@k20center It looks like the hashtag has been used recently for other events. Considering a different hashtag for Wednesday?

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1 of our principals has really enjoyed using “Grammarly for Chrome”… for proofreading

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AstroPeggy Check out the . The weight of a spacesuit is so great I have to be dressed in a frame. Worth a look:

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Astro_Wheels Don’t live life hoping someone or something will surprise you; discover the beauty inside you; unlock your heart, and surprise the world.

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What educators do you know who are really into using with students? Any @stanforddschool professional development leaders?

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Recommended for cold water camping: HotHands Warmers @Target…

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Really excited our @boyscouts will be going to Trappers Rendezvous 2017! The 40th anniversary!…

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boyscouts Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women.

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NWSNorman Gradual cool down this week. Next chance of rain and perhaps a few snow flakes coming next weekend.

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@Mr_EFisher @alexstubenbort this topic resonates with me at several levels - I really appreciate your courage & leadership in speaking out

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alexstubenbort An important read to take mental health rightfully out of the taboo and into the light of human reason and empathy.…

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I’m enjoying this @whyyradiotimes [PODCAST] with @Will_Bunch & @tirosenberg: “The media is reeling” on @pocketcasts…

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“The media has tremendous power to CONVENE & start conversations” by @Will_Bunch @whyyradiotimes…

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“Our news media has to do more than air grievances” [to serve a constructive role] by @tirosenberg @whyyradiotimes…

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@pmacoun that is awesome, you made my morning! Thanks so much for the shout out! cc @techsavvyteach @edtechsr

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Made more good progress on our 5 year digital citizenship strategic plan this morning! Almost finished!

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@PaulbernalUK excellent! Thanks for the update & for sharing your important work

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Saving Orphaned African Elephants - a wonderful @bbcworldservice [PODCAST] segment…

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